Commit f6097ef2 authored by Marco Paniconi's avatar Marco Paniconi Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "SVC fix to set worst/best_quality per layer."

parents eb53c69e 15c43d9a
......@@ -554,6 +554,14 @@ int vp9_one_pass_cbr_svc_start_layer(VP9_COMP *const cpi) {
cpi->svc.number_temporal_layers +
// Setting the worst/best_quality via the encoder control: SET_SVC_PARAMETERS,
// only for non-BYPASS mode for now.
if (cpi->svc.temporal_layering_mode != VP9E_TEMPORAL_LAYERING_MODE_BYPASS) {
RATE_CONTROL *const lrc = &lc->rc;
lrc->worst_quality = vp9_quantizer_to_qindex(lc->max_q);
lrc->best_quality = vp9_quantizer_to_qindex(lc->min_q);
get_layer_resolution(cpi->oxcf.width, cpi->oxcf.height,
lc->scaling_factor_num, lc->scaling_factor_den,
&width, &height);
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