Commit f828d40b authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Refactor build_inter_predictors_for_planes()

Remove redundant table access.

Change-Id: Ib45f9b0bafe2a0c57449e787d60e70d35f19f6c7
parent 2e9773f0
......@@ -1082,8 +1082,8 @@ static void build_inter_predictors_for_planes(MACROBLOCKD *xd, BLOCK_SIZE bsize,
for (plane = plane_from; plane <= plane_to; ++plane) {
const struct macroblockd_plane *pd = &xd->plane[plane];
const int bw = block_size_wide[bsize] >> pd->subsampling_x;
const int bh = block_size_high[bsize] >> pd->subsampling_y;
const int bw = pd->width;
const int bh = pd->height;
if (xd->mi[0]->mbmi.sb_type < BLOCK_8X8 && !unify_bsize) {
const PARTITION_TYPE bp = bsize - xd->mi[0]->mbmi.sb_type;
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