Commit f8bf6bba authored by Angie Chiang's avatar Angie Chiang
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fh < fl --> fh <= fl in od_ec_encode_q15

When lv_map_multi is on,
od_ec_encode_q15 is able to handle the situation of fh == fl

Change-Id: I7c837dda561f1d25b0203c018763dadd0cbbc75a
parent 3afe49ed
......@@ -156,7 +156,11 @@ static void od_ec_encode_q15(od_ec_enc *enc, unsigned fl, unsigned fh, int s,
l = enc->low;
r = enc->rng;
OD_ASSERT(32768U <= r);
OD_ASSERT(fh <= fl);
OD_ASSERT(fh < fl);
OD_ASSERT(fl <= 32768U);
const int N = nsyms - 1;
if (fl < 32768U) {
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