Commit f97b7860 authored by Sarah Parker's avatar Sarah Parker
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Fix formatting in internal stats for vp10

This corrects a formatting error introduced in:
where spaces were used as delimiters instead of tabs.

The corresponding fixes for vp9 and vp8 are in

Change-Id: Ica3d625d6672b3c47e0e208b45eede29b9004030
parent 01bade10
......@@ -2526,9 +2526,8 @@ void av1_remove_compressor(AV1_COMP *cpi) {
SNPRINT2(results, "\t%7.3f", consistency);
SNPRINT2(results, "\t%7.3f", cpi->worst_consistency);
fprintf(f, "%s\t Time Rc-Err Abs Err\n", headings);
fprintf(f, "%s\t%8.0f %7.2f %7.2f\n", results, total_encode_time,
fprintf(f, "%s\t Time\tRcErr\tAbsErr\n", headings);
fprintf(f, "%s\t%8.0f\t%7.2f\t%7.2f\n", results, total_encode_time,
rate_err, fabs(rate_err));
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