Commit f9c25498 authored by Debargha Mukherjee's avatar Debargha Mukherjee Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Tweak encoding flags for supertx." into nextgenv2

parents 907544a3 c582aacb
......@@ -2065,6 +2065,11 @@ static void encode_sb(VP10_COMP *cpi, ThreadData *td,
if (!x->skip) {
// TODO(geza.lore): Investigate if this can be relaxed
x->skip_recode = 0;
memset(x->skip_txfm, 0, sizeof(x->skip_txfm));
x->skip_optimize = 0;
x->use_lp32x32fdct = cpi->sf.use_lp32x32fdct;
vp10_encode_sb_supertx(x, bsize);
vp10_tokenize_sb_supertx(cpi, td, tp, !output_enabled, bsize);
} else {
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