Commit fb04a9ab authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han
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Turn on error resilient mode in frame drop unit test

Turn on the error resilient mode in the frame dropping unit test.
The temporal mv reference will be disabled in error resilient mode
by design.


Change-Id: Id777061bbdc376f8d1634c1286fce8094fdcc04e
parent 61bf3d8a
......@@ -215,6 +215,7 @@ TEST_P(DatarateTestLarge, ChangingDropFrameThresh) {
cfg_.rc_end_usage = AOM_CBR;
cfg_.rc_target_bitrate = 200;
cfg_.g_lag_in_frames = 0;
cfg_.g_error_resilient = 1;
// TODO(marpan): Investigate datarate target failures with a smaller keyframe
// interval (128).
cfg_.kf_max_dist = 9999;
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