Commit fb220d25 authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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replace while(0) construct with if/else

No good reason to be tricky here. I don't know why 'break' occurred to me
as the natrual replacement for the 'return', but an if/else block is
definitely clearer.

Change-Id: I08a336307afeb0dc7efa494b37398f239f66c2cf
parent 05c6eca4
......@@ -317,20 +317,19 @@ void vp8_decode_macroblock(VP8D_COMP *pbi, MACROBLOCKD *xd)
xd->mode_info_context->mbmi.dc_diff = 1;
do {
if (xd->mbmi.mode != B_PRED && xd->mbmi.mode != SPLITMV && eobtotal == 0)
xd->mode_info_context->mbmi.dc_diff = 0;
skip_recon_mb(pbi, xd);
if (xd->segmentation_enabled)
mb_init_dequantizer(pbi, xd);
de_quantand_idct(pbi, xd);
reconstruct_mb(pbi, xd);
} while(0);
/* Restore the original MV so as not to affect the entropy context. */
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