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README: add detail for running tests in parallel

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README - 23 March 2015
README - 9 March 2017
Welcome to the AV1 Codec SDK!
......@@ -126,6 +126,27 @@ AV1 TEST VECTORS:
$ ./configure --enable-unit-tests
$ LIBAOM_TEST_DATA_PATH=../-test-data make testdata
The unit tests (consisting mainly of the test_libaom binary) can be run using
make. This will download the test data if necessary.
$ ../libaom/configure --enable-unit-tests
$ make test
Test may be run in parallel using make -j which supports up to 10 shards by
$ make -j10 test
If you have additional cores you can scale the tests to match:
$ shards=$(nproc); \
make -j$shards test \
NUM_SHARDS=$shards SHARDS="$(seq -s' ' 0 $(( shards - 1 )))" \
&& echo "success"
The GTEST_FILTER environment variable (equivalent to --gtest_filter) can be
used to control which tests are run while sharding:
$ GTEST_FILTER='SSE2*' make -j10 test
The coding style used by this project is enforced with clang-format using the
configuration contained in the .clang-format file in the root of the
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