Commit fe23539d authored by JackyChen's avatar JackyChen
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Adopt weighted averaging in MFQE.

By using weighted averaging in the calculation of the frames to be
displayed, we get an average gain of more than 1 db for key frames
whose base qp are 20 higher than non-key frames.

Change-Id: I7bcb2e7b9c6420ea3f73f33204d18b072dffd17c
parent 2fe1bfa5
......@@ -167,10 +167,10 @@ static void mfqe_block(BLOCK_SIZE bs, const uint8_t *y, const uint8_t *u,
// it might be a lighting change in smooth area. When there is a
// lighting change in smooth area, it is dangerous to do MFQE.
if (sad > 1 && sad < sad_thr && vdiff > sad * 3 && vdiff < 150) {
// TODO(jackychen): Add weighted average in the calculation.
// Currently, the data is copied from last frame without averaging.
int weight = ((float)sad / (sad_thr - 1)) * ((float)vdiff / (150 - 1)) *
apply_ifactor(y, y_stride, yd, yd_stride, u, v, uv_stride,
ud, vd, uvd_stride, bs, 0);
ud, vd, uvd_stride, bs, weight);
} else {
// Copy the block from current frame (i.e., no mfqe is done).
copy_block(y, u, v, y_stride, uv_stride, yd, ud, vd,
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