Commit ff4cfd0b authored by Yue Chen's avatar Yue Chen
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Use the left neighbor in under 4x4 chroma obmc

Will introduce 0.03% improvement compared to using
the above neighbor.

Change-Id: I1e45db1152cd74680f010d19bffd37276e826bce
parent 1659191f
......@@ -1749,7 +1749,7 @@ int skip_u4x4_pred_in_obmc(BLOCK_SIZE bsize, const struct macroblockd_plane *pd,
case BLOCK_4X4:
case BLOCK_8X4:
case BLOCK_4X8: return dir == 1; break;
case BLOCK_4X8: return dir == 0; break;
default: return 0;
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