Commit ffbe8533 authored by Fergus Simpson's avatar Fergus Simpson
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configure: Disable ext_delta_q if delta_q disabled

Builds will fail if configured with delta_q disabled and ext_delta_q not
also disabled, since ext_delta_q is soft enabled. This patch fixes this
by making the configure script disable ext_delta_q if delta_q is not

Change-Id: Ic060ebae9a949650964081f25bf9e72bfc8e7a14
parent ebaf8094
......@@ -518,6 +518,10 @@ post_process_cmdline() {
enabled ext_delta_q && soft_enable delta_q
enabled txk_sel && soft_enable lv_map
enabled compound_round && soft_enable convolve_round
if ! enabled delta_q && enabled ext_delta_q; then
log_echo "ext_delta_q requires delta_q, so disabling ext_delta_q"
disable_feature ext_delta_q
if enabled rawbits && ! enabled daala_ec; then
log_echo "rawbits requires daala_ec, so disabling rawbits"
disable_feature rawbits
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