1. 07 Oct, 2015 1 commit
  2. 05 Oct, 2015 2 commits
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  4. 01 Oct, 2015 4 commits
  5. 30 Sep, 2015 2 commits
  6. 29 Sep, 2015 2 commits
  7. 23 Sep, 2015 3 commits
    • hui su's avatar
      Refactor ext-tx experiment · 07154b02
      hui su authored
      At this point, ext-tx compapred to baseline +1.735%.
      Change-Id: Ia16ac293e2cc87e06a0d898c1d52a8f3495ff814
    • hui su's avatar
      Adjust rd calculation in choose_tx_size_from_rd · 8e273b23
      hui su authored
      Consider tha case in which skipping transform coefficients is more
      derflr +0.13%
      hevclr +0.11%
      hevcmr +0.14%
      hevchr +0.22%
      with ext-tx, the impact is -0.02%.
      Change-Id: I0aa2965cf9e152396623c2fee62545bd3a3a7f07
    • hui su's avatar
      Simplify choose_tx_size_from_rd · 38debe51
      hui su authored
      No impact on performance.
      Change-Id: Ib0420b190c9d83ef47b14ea78d5918a6a5078e3a
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  11. 15 Sep, 2015 6 commits
    • James Zern's avatar
      Merge changes from topic 'fix-vp9-bitstream-test' · c667593e
      James Zern authored
      * changes:
        vp9_encoder_parms_get_to_decoder: cosmetics
        vp9...parms_get_to_decoder: remove unneeded func
        vp9...parms_get_to_decoder: fix EXPECT param order
        vp9_encoder_parms_get_to_decoder: delete dead code
        fix BitstreamParms test
        vp9_encoder_parms_get_to_decoder: remove vp10
        yuvconfig2image(): add explicit cast to avoid conv warning
        vp9/10 decoder_init: add missing alloc cast
        vp9/10: set color_space on preview frame
        vp10: add extern "C" to headers
        vp9: add extern "C" to headers
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      Merge "VP9 dynamic resizing unit test." · 9c82fc45
      Marco Paniconi authored
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      VP9 dynamic resizing unit test. · 9ac42bc1
      jackychen authored
      Verify the dynamic resizer behavior for real time, 1 pass CBR mode.
      Run at low bitrate, with resize_allowed = 1, and verify that we get
      one resize down event.
      Change-Id: Ic347be60972fa87f7d68310da2a055679788929d
    • Marco's avatar
      SVC fix to set worst/best_quality per layer. · 15c43d9a
      Marco authored
      Allow the worst/best_quality to be set per layer via the
      VP9E_SET_SVC_PARAMETERS control.
      Change-Id: Icba5ec8ac757152f3bb7860d6010d9174a7bd578
    • Marco's avatar
      Add cyclic refresh parameters to svc-layer context. · eb53c69e
      Marco authored
      For 1 pass CBR spatial-SVC:
      Add cyclic refresh parameters to the svc-layer context.
      This allows cyclic refresh (aq-mode=3) to be applied to
      the whole super-frame (all spatial layers).
      This gives a performance improvement for spatial layer encoding.
      Addd the aq_mode mode on/off setting as command line option.
      Change-Id: Ib9c3b5ba3cb7851bfb8c37d4f911664bef38e165