1. 25 May, 2017 15 commits
  2. 24 May, 2017 12 commits
    • Sean Purser-Haskell's avatar
      Normalize parameter rounding with get_shear_params(). · 7d7b2c29
      Sean Purser-Haskell authored
      Change-Id: I529a7c0868039a82f46993577471cb6c452b025b
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      Remove CONFIG_{DE,EN}CODERS from the build system. · 378d652f
      Tom Finegan authored
      Change-Id: I33d83aa6d31067d0db7a972d36927dc49c420f81
    • Thomas Davies's avatar
      AOM_QM: modify low QM levels. · 8f286984
      Thomas Davies authored
      Use a more aggressive tail to simulate larger viewing
      distances better for low value QM levels.
      This does not change default QM coding (qmlevel >= 5)
      or non-QM coding.
      Change-Id: Ifb6fa6faf8ce9b77177c97798e08418788c53fbd
    • David Michael Barr's avatar
      [CFL] Calculate SSE for distinct alpha before RDO · 84a44dbe
      David Michael Barr authored
      Separate the codes into a table of distinct values
      and an index into that table.
      Pull the SSE calculation of the RDO loop and avoid
      repeating for the same alpha values.
      Change-Id: I8c4bd7eab6f8000e6aca9687d9190abc3e270c37
      Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Michael Barr <b@rr-dav.id.au>
    • Thomas Davies's avatar
      AOM_QM: redesign matrices and support CB_4X4 and RECT-TX. · 6675adff
      Thomas Davies authored
      All matrices are derived by subsampling 32x32 and 32x16 matrices.
      Inter and intra matrices now use the same matrix set.
      AWCY results for default setting (qm-min=5, qm-max=9):
        PSNR  | PSNR Cb | PSNR Cr | PSNR HVS | SSIM  | MS SSIM | CIEDE 2000
         2.75 |  7.98   |    -    |  -3.52   |  0.73 |   -2.21 |   4.22
      Change-Id: I8414d19eaf50cfe80d4fe2290da6cdf4ebb406cb
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Enable chroma-sub8x8 by default · c9c193d9
      Jingning Han authored
      Change-Id: I3f73ccdb82261d13580697c162b7f5c877616f32
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Set mi pointer before setting the skip flag · 9a80e7c4
      Jingning Han authored
      This resolves a potential race issue in multi-threading test when
      chroma-sub8x8 is enabled.
      Change-Id: I443f4af10e55046b04d6d739f7594dd8bda5c830
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Fix set_skip_context logic · f65b89ab
      Jingning Han authored
      Properly reset mi_row and mi_col values per plane.
      Change-Id: Ic624f286c8ee2521403557bc1d685752166b1947
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Fix chroma-sub8x8 for non-420 format · bdcee1e7
      Jingning Han authored
      The chroma-sub8x8 is mainly designed for YUV420 format. When the
      format is YUV444, it falls back to regular block size behavior.
      Change-Id: Ibedc4f1d59e7bf717384ede9423f22678d54c0fa
    • Nathan E. Egge's avatar
      Fix EC_ADAPT bug introduced in ad66b816. · 9e9682fa
      Nathan E. Egge authored
      When merging NEW_TOKENSET into EC_MULTISYMBOL a bug was introduced when
       EC_MULTISYMBOL == 1 and EC_ADAPT == 0.
      This patch reverts that change and replaces CONFIG_EC_MULTISYMBOL with
       the equivalent flag (CONFIG_DAALA_EC || CONFIG_ANS).
      Change-Id: I164df42121ca0959247af34e65287b1d230346f7
    • Yue Chen's avatar
      Fix assertion failure in var_tx+rect_tx-ext_tx · 3ca7dd98
      Yue Chen authored
      Change-Id: Ie399d61162ab33e35fa0cb04206904e3af1bbb2d
    • David Barker's avatar
      ext-inter: Further cleanup · f19f35f7
      David Barker authored
      * Rename the 'masked_compound_*' functions to just 'masked_*'.
        The previous names were intended to be temporary, to distinguish
        the old and new masked motion search pipelines. But now that the
        old pipeline has been removed, we can reuse the old names.
      * Simplify the new ext-inter compound motion search pipeline
        a bit.
      * Harmonize names: Rename
        aom_highbd_masked_compound_sub_pixel_variance* to
        aom_highbd_8_masked_sub_pixel_variance*, to match the naming of
        the corresponding non-masked functions
      Change-Id: I988768ffe2f42a942405b7d8e93a2757a012dca3
  3. 23 May, 2017 7 commits
  4. 22 May, 2017 6 commits
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Use 8x8 block step size in obmc reference setup · 680b09ea
      Jingning Han authored
      The obmc assumes minimum processing block size to be 8x8.
      Change-Id: Ic0415f433e8e463fffb13559703a315f317607d3
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Turn on var-tx by default · dfa296e9
      Jingning Han authored
      Change-Id: I4756594a6975ad0fff1f4ff64f1cf02876757f02
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      Remove CONFIG_{DE,EN}CODERS from the CMake build. · ba02c24c
      Tom Finegan authored
      Use CONFIG_AV1_{DE,EN}CODER to control decoder and
      encoder support inclusion instead.
      Change-Id: Ib150ae382b301885589f30d9b6e98d3bfdd1afce
    • Urvang Joshi's avatar
      inspect.c: Add enums for SMOOTH_{H,V}_PRED · fea5f401
      Urvang Joshi authored
      Change-Id: I3eebf3811964c682309784d9bbdfb00790fde871
    • Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar
      chroma_sub8x8: Fix av1_get_entropy_contexts() · 32b8d46f
      Timothy B. Terriberry authored
      This was not clamping the chroma block size to at least 4x4, even
      though it is getting contexts for coding the transform residual
      (which is at least 4x4). Thus it would copy too few contexts.
      This is an encoder-only change. It should not change the current
      encoder output, because we currently store twice as many entropy
      contexts as actually required, so we'll copy 1 and then check 2 to
      see if either are non-zero. However, this will break when we
      eliminate the context doubling, as instead we'll copy 0 and check
      Change-Id: I4087529d6b3e7cd5a226746625b90494790983e6
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Revert "dependent tile set to default" · 551d0fed
      Yaowu Xu authored
      This reverts commit 05c38874.
      Change-Id: Ibbfe3e357bbfb8cb7d07482755c47c64afd30092