1. 19 Nov, 2013 1 commit
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      vpxdec: Relocate WebM input support. · 2abe2d46
      Tom Finegan authored
      - Move it to webmdec.c and webmdec.h.
      - Also, tidy up obvious style nits in the vicinity of code I was
        already touching.
      Change-Id: Ie2898d06e73c1e9030d9c8d465b73ee7edc3c02a
  2. 15 Nov, 2013 1 commit
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      vpx[dec|enc]: Extract IVF support from the apps. · 00a35aab
      Tom Finegan authored
      - Move IVF reading support into ivfdec.c and ivfdec.h
      - Move IVF writing support into ivfenc.c and ivfenc.h
      - Removed IVF writing code from the SVC example in favor of ivfenc.
      Change-Id: I70adf6240d0320fdd232d8546ed573f0f68dd793
  3. 11 Nov, 2013 1 commit
  4. 06 Nov, 2013 1 commit
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      Move WebM writing support out of vpxenc.c. · 03848f5c
      Tom Finegan authored
      This is mainly a clean up patchset. It moves the WebM writing support
      out of vpxenc and into its own source file. Changes to tools_common and
      vpxdec result from relocation of shared bits of code.
      Change-Id: Iee55d3285f56e0a548f791094fb14c5ac5346a26
  5. 17 Jul, 2012 1 commit
  6. 02 Nov, 2010 1 commit
    • John Koleszar's avatar
      fix pipe support on windows · c377bf0e
      John Koleszar authored
      STDIO streams are opened in text mode by default on Windows. This patch
      changes the stdin/stdout streams to be in binary mode if they are being
      used for I/O from the vpxenc or vpxdec tools.
      Fixes issue #216. Thanks to mw AT hesotech.de for the fix.
      Change-Id: I34525b3ce2a4a031d5a48d36df4667589372225b
  7. 09 Sep, 2010 1 commit
  8. 18 Jun, 2010 1 commit
    • John Koleszar's avatar
      cosmetics: trim trailing whitespace · 94c52e4d
      John Koleszar authored
      When the license headers were updated, they accidentally contained
      trailing whitespace, so unfortunately we have to touch all the files
      Change-Id: I236c05fade06589e417179c0444cb39b09e4200d
  9. 04 Jun, 2010 1 commit
  10. 18 May, 2010 1 commit