1. 12 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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  4. 27 Dec, 2017 1 commit
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      Always prefix OBUs with a size field. · ff86395f
      Tom Finegan authored
      - Make the add_4bytes_obusize experiment part of the obu experiment.
      - Remove the add_4bytes_obusize experiment flags.
      - Update the encoder, decoder, and tooling sources.
      Change-Id: Ia5c443c855e52618257b39c44ca2632703bf83fd
  5. 05 Dec, 2017 1 commit
  6. 03 Dec, 2017 1 commit
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      Add dump_obu tool. · c0192337
      Tom Finegan authored
      This is a work in progress. So far this tool supports only
      reading of OBU headers with and without extensions. OBU
      payload parsing will be added in future commits.
      Change-Id: Ie4c184ad4ae8e536e00015e9bde6a7cde8dada28
  7. 01 Dec, 2017 1 commit
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      cmake: Fix potential file name collision in Xcode. · db37c755
      Tom Finegan authored
      When a target has no C++ sources, but includes C++ object files
      Xcode requires special treatment. A dummy source file is created
      using the target's name to force the CMake Xcode generator to use
      C++ as link language.
      Append "_dummy" to the dummy source file's basename to avoid
      collisions with the target's main source file when it
      is target.cc.
      Also adds a TODO to avoid adding the dummy source file when the
      target being adjusted already has C++ sources.
      Change-Id: I9795f6490e88eae6afc3a5901e6ee76a36cc801a
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      cmake flag for disabling adopted experiments · 4ceee161
      Johann authored
      Match configure behavior. Use with:
      Change-Id: I5402d5b0ca65cf3013744ca28023118b7508fd2a
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      Sync CMake treatment of aom{dec,enc} with configure. · 9cc0cfed
      Tom Finegan authored
      Disable creation of the aomdec and aomenc targets
      when examples are disabled. This requires some changes
      to how/when utility libs are built. The common, decoder,
      and encoder app utils are now only built when one of
      Change-Id: I579252e01eab1c66cd2d808863504f9571bfb3e4
  13. 02 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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      Add libm in CMake when needed. · 3e8986b1
      Tom Finegan authored
      Directly adding libm to the libaom target when building
      non-MSVC and non-APPLE targets.
      Change-Id: Ia1f9cf6b79c4b4d15297969ff9ef4b9831113f4f
  14. 30 Sep, 2017 2 commits
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      Support disabling examples in CMake build. · 9befd171
      Tom Finegan authored
      Do the same for tools.
      Change-Id: I284dd44ae57c461012ae2b034a23a3cad9361af0
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      Add aom_entropy_optimizer to CMake build. · e91bb45b
      Tom Finegan authored
      This is the first tool in the CMake build, so some extra
      noise is involved:
      - Setup tools list vars and handling.
      - Add tools support to the dist rule.
      - Move usage_exit.c generation to CMakelists.txt to allow
        use by the aom_entropy_optimizer target.
      Change-Id: I55239e89353033349ac1038b8d3d1aa8a8f23e27
  15. 28 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      Fix aom.pc generation. · 40b2a979
      Tom Finegan authored
      $GIT_EXECUTABLE was being passed as the
      value of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to pkg_config.cmake. Pass
      $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX as intended.
      Change-Id: I86126f472447eaa6a2196dca3a8c68fb4de9415a
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  17. 06 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      Explicitly support user supplied flags in the CMake build. · c8593981
      Tom Finegan authored
      Add AOM_EXTRA_<TYPE>_FLAGS variables. Currently AS, C, CXX, and
      LINKER are the available type values. These variables are added
      to argument strings for each type as the last step in generation
      to ensure that user flags have precedence over flags added by
      the AOM build itself.
      Change-Id: I8e01682ee6c7dad2253e01c446a5ced7d06596c7
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      Improve support for AOMAnalyzer in the CMake build. · 84d35995
      Tom Finegan authored
      - Add utility function for appending link flags to targets.
      - Use it to set linker only opts for emscripten inspect target.
      - Update README.md with emscripten instructions.
      - Build everything with -O3 when no build type is specified.
      Change-Id: I69a2083369d2880335a8162132f190377a4a85fb
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  26. 20 Jun, 2017 1 commit
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      Add shared library support to the CMake build. · 84f2d796
      Tom Finegan authored
      This is enabled via:
      $ cmake path/to/aom -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=1
      Currently supports only Linux and MacOS targets. Symbol visibility
      is handled by exports.cmake and its helpers exports_sources.cmake
      and generate_exports.cmake.
      Some sweeping changes were required to properly support shared libs
      and control symbol visibility:
      - Object libraries are always linked privately into static
      - Static libraries are always linked privately into eachother
        in the many cases where the CMake build merges multiple library
      - aom_dsp.cmake now links all its targets into the aom_dsp static
        library target, and privately links aom_dsp into the aom target.
      - av1.cmake now links all its targets into the aom_av1 static library
        target, and privately links in aom_dsp and aom_scale as well. It
        then privately links aom_av1 into the aom target.
      - The aom_mem, aom_ports, aom_scale, and aom_util targets are now
        static libs that are privately linked into the aom target.
      - In CMakeLists.txt libyuv and libwebm are now privately linked into
        app targets.
      - The ASM and intrinsic library functions in aom_optimization.cmake
        now both require a dependent target argument. This facilitates the
        changes noted above regarding new privately linked static library
        targets for ASM and intrinsics sources.
      Change-Id: I4892059880c5de0f479da2e9c21d8ba2fa7390c3
  27. 05 Jun, 2017 1 commit
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      CMake test target tweaks. · 375ee849
      Tom Finegan authored
      Exclude the test targets from Visual Studio and Xcode generation
      runs unless explicitly requested. The test run takes hours, and
      default behavior in the IDEs is to build all targets.
      Change-Id: I37e9904bd8d373a399d7d5fa49fe02771011f9d2
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      Add Emscripten support to the CMake build. · d46b4d30
      Tom Finegan authored
      Supporting Emscripten requires modification of all uses of the
      target_link_libraries() function to match the form
      of the target_link_libraries() call in Emscripten.cmake.
      The AOM_LIB_LINK_TYPE variable has been added to allow for
      flexibility on the libaom side when using toolchains that
      behave similarly to Emscripten.cmake wrt
      To use CMake for an Emscripten build, first install Emscripten, then:
      $ cmake path/to/aom -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=path/to/Emscripten.cmake -DAOM_TARGET_CPU=generic
      Change-Id: I22c7df7912ecfdbc2a52180086b205cc8dcfc0c6
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