1. 09 Jun, 2015 3 commits
    • Marco's avatar
      Adjust some parameters for cyclic refresh for low bitrates. · 997ac14c
      Marco authored
      Reduce motion threshold and boost factor for second segment,
      for low bitrates, at low resolutions for now.
      This is to reduce the rate fluctuation/frame dropping that occurs
      at these low bitrates.
      Change-Id: Ia66c3be41831882fca8c1e4fe104f5ea8fbe7142
    • Paul Wilkins's avatar
      Changes to active maxq calculation in two pass. · faf8c63b
      Paul Wilkins authored
      Some initial experiments into discounting dead zone
      formating bars and intra skip blocks (common in some
      types of animation and graphics) in the calculation of
      the active max Q for each ARF/GF group.
      TODO: check for vertical formating bars and validate the
      horizontal bar at the bottom edge of the image.
      As expected, this change as it stands, does not make much
      difference for the natural videos in the std-hd and derf sets.
      However, for the yt and yt hd set there is a significant rise
      in the average PSNR with overall PSNR and SSIM remaining
      The mean rise for the YT-HD test set was > 6%. This is mainly
      because the change allows Q to drop further on titles and
      other graphics sections where spending a small number of
      extra bits gives a sharp rise in PSNR.
      Change-Id: I3f878ae91fc1854312d7ecf9fa792c17bc1aa6b7
    • Paul Wilkins's avatar
      Enable more split modes for animated content. · 4a28da58
      Paul Wilkins authored
      For content that is identified as likely to contain some
      animation or graphics content, increase the availability
      of split modes for good quality speeds 1-3.
      On a problem test animation clip this improves metrics
      results by about 0.25 db and makes a noticeable difference
      visually. It also causes a small drop in file size (~0.5%) but
      a rise in encode time of about 5-6% at speed  2.
      For more normal content it should have no effect.
      Change-Id: Ic4cd9a8de065af9f9402f4477a17442aebf0e439
  2. 05 Jun, 2015 7 commits
  3. 04 Jun, 2015 12 commits
    • James Zern's avatar
      vp9_reconintra: fix d45/d63 discrepancies · faea038f
      James Zern authored
      the final index in rows 2, 3 differ from vp8
      Change-Id: I0fcea907b4ab44e266c0f1fd77b290d2236b280a
    • Marco's avatar
      Bugfx in setting layer framerate. · 8f7e7663
      Marco authored
      Index for ts_rate_decimator should be temporal layer (tl) index.
      Change-Id: I0320b7f7ae987ef64fdfe7c45099e7978a8fef17
    • Scott LaVarnway's avatar
      Reducing size of MODE_INFO struct · baaaa575
      Scott LaVarnway authored
      Reduced size from 124 bytes to 104 bytes.  For decode only builds,
      it is reduced to 68 bytes.
      Change-Id: If9e6b92285459425fa086ab5a743d0a598a69de3
    • Scott LaVarnway's avatar
      Remove cm parameter from vp9_decode_block_tokens() part 2 · 8bb37dd0
      Scott LaVarnway authored
      Change-Id: Iee24b6bb095f748333223e6036fc5c9d9e7e5f1c
    • Parag Salasakar's avatar
      mips msa vp9 loopfilter 16 optimization · 914f8f9e
      Parag Salasakar authored
      average improvement ~3x-4x
      Change-Id: I8ef263da6ebcf8f20aabaefeccf25a84640ba048
    • Johann's avatar
      Make vp9 subpixel match vp8 · eb88b172
      Johann authored
      The only difference between the two was that the vp9 function allowed
      for every step in the bilinear filter (16 steps) while vp8 only allowed
      for half of those. Since all the call sites in vp9 (<< 1) the input, it
      only ever used the same steps as vp8.
      This will allow moving the subpel variance to vpx_dsp with the rest of
      the variance functions.
      Change-Id: I6fa2509350a2dc610c46b3e15bde98a15a084b75
    • James Zern's avatar
      vp9_reconintra: use AVG[23] consistently · 4fcabf51
      James Zern authored
      Change-Id: Iab7215f82be0c0c831cd81b6f8091afc3710dd54
    • Parag Salasakar's avatar
      mips msa vp9 convolve8 avg hv optimization · bdfbc3e8
      Parag Salasakar authored
      average improvement ~4x-6x
      Change-Id: I7c8b4f2334491be8a859592606e568bc95d019aa
    • James Zern's avatar
      vp9_reconintra_neon_asm/tm4x4: simplify left load · 65d95998
      James Zern authored
      use vld1.8 {d0[]}, [r0] rather than ldrb+vdup; mildly faster
      Change-Id: Ia5ffc736bcb0f5497b7d9e55a93bf5a5f5f6928c
    • Marco's avatar
      Remove ABI check for 1 pass CBR SVC. · a8c5ab2c
      Marco authored
      Remove the ABI check for the controls needed for SVC 1 pass CBR mode.
      Bump up the ABI version.
      Change-Id: I35b79ee010e14af83c6d1e801d574deaaa2fc7eb
    • hkuang's avatar
      Optimize the idct assembly code. · 98e88e6a
      hkuang authored
      Change-Id: Ia0ff859ff1c813dbe100e2f27b1ef78167483f4e
    • Paul Wilkins's avatar
      Animation and dead zone detection. · 668e8045
      Paul Wilkins authored
      Adds code to detect dead zone bars at the top and bottom
      of reformatted letterbox video (note that the code only
      looks at the top of the image and assumes any dead zone
      is symmetrical).  Use of this to adapt rate control etc.
      will follow in a subsequent patch.
      Also counts other blocks (excluding the dead zone) that
      have no intra signal. The presence of a significant
      number of such blocks can be used as a identify that the frame
      may be artificial (e.g.  animation, screen capture, graphics).
      This patch contains plumbing only and does not use
      the signal.
      Change-Id: I59bc93529cd4065416cef773e405fda3ae006a20
  4. 03 Jun, 2015 3 commits
  5. 02 Jun, 2015 4 commits
    • Scott LaVarnway's avatar
      Remove counts param · f779dba4
      Scott LaVarnway authored
      Moved to MACROBLOCKD.
      Change-Id: Icce765b334f2755f4fe2a4c39fb2ae2d7660d004
    • Marco's avatar
      Vidyo patch: Rate control for SVC, 1 pass CBR mode. · c139b81a
      Marco authored
      -Make Rate control work for SVC 1 pass CBR mode.
      -Added temporal layering mode.
      -Fixed bug in non-rd variance partition.
      -Modified/updated the sample encoders (vp9_spatial_svc_encoder, vpx_temporal_svc_encoder).
      -Added datarate unittest(s) for 1 pass CBR SVC.
      Change-Id: Ie94b1b68a56ea1267b5087c625e5df04def2ee48
    • Parag Salasakar's avatar
      mips msa vp9 idct4x4 and iwht4x4 optimization · 54a6f739
      Parag Salasakar authored
      average improvement ~3x-4x
      moved assert to respective files
      Change-Id: I6c915059d456a00bdd76fab0dd2eede8b6c6ea58
    • Parag Salasakar's avatar
      mips msa vp9 updated convolve horiz, vert, hv, copy, avg module · ebf7466c
      Parag Salasakar authored
      Updated sources according to improved version of common MSA macros.
      Enabled respective convolve MSA hooks and tests.
      Overall, this is just upgrading the code with styling changes.
      Change-Id: If5ad6ef8ea7ca47feed6d2fc9f34f0f0e8b6694d
  6. 01 Jun, 2015 1 commit
  7. 30 May, 2015 10 commits