1. 11 Aug, 2016 7 commits
    • Angie Chiang's avatar
      Bitstream debug tool · 4de81ee1
      Angie Chiang authored
      This is a debug tool used to detect bitstream error. On encoder side, it pushes
      each bit and probability into a queue before the bit is written into the
      Arithmetic coder. On decoder side, whenever a bit is read out from the
      Arithmetic coder, it pops up the reference bit and probability from the queue as
      well. If the two results do not match, this debug tool will report an error.
      This tool can be used to pin down the bitstream error precisely. By combining
      gdb's backtrace method, we can detect which module causes the bitstream error.
      Change-Id: I133a4371fafdd48c488f2ca47f9e395676c401f2
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      Fix a bug in RATE_FACTOR_LEVEL definition for ext-refs · cdd4eb02
      Zoe Liu authored
      There was a bug in the original set up for RATE_FACTOR_LEVELS, which
      results that rate_factor_deltas for GF_ARF_STD is 2.00, instead of the
      intentional value of 1.75, whereas for KF_STD is 0.00, instead of the
      intentional value of 2.00.
      Nevertheless, if simply fixing the bug as in the first patch, the RD
      performance unexpectedly dropped by 0.143% in Avg bitrate using
      Overall PSNR, especially for following sequences in lowres:
      bridge_close_cif: dropped by 1.468%
      container_cif: dropped by 2.140%
      husky_cif: dropped by 0.826%
      motherdaughter_cif: dropped by 0.798%
      rasehorses_240p: dropped by 0.805%
      students_cif: dropped by 1.411%
      This indicates that we should boost up the value for GF_ARF_STD from
      1.75 to at least to 2.00. After doing so, while still keeps 2.00 for
      KF_STD, the new patch achieves a small gain of 0.15% for the baseline,
      and a smaller gain of 0.06% for the experiment of ext-refs. Most
      sequences keep the similar RD performance in lowres, except for the
      following ones that obtain a bigger gain:
      (1) Baseline:
      container_cif: 1.628%
      students_cif: 1.015%
      (2) ext-refs
      tennis_sif: 1.248%
      Change-Id: I992f8f6a3e20f1b71ec52a1ddc969af4968b78d5
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      vpx_scale/: apply clang-format · 923d1551
      clang-format authored
      Change-Id: I514654a0704512fb44c7eef5dd045a5767df953a
    • James Zern's avatar
    • James Zern's avatar
      Merge changes from topic 'clang-format' into nextgenv2 · 45d1294f
      James Zern authored
      * changes:
        vpx_dsp/: apply clang-format
        vpx/: apply clang-format
        top-level: apply clang-format
        examples: apply clang-format
    • clang-format's avatar
      vpx_util/: apply clang-format · 3a992f84
      clang-format authored
      Change-Id: I831214d16a5bbfdb86e24dbff8afe4ff4aeebdde
  2. 10 Aug, 2016 19 commits
  3. 09 Aug, 2016 4 commits
    • Sarah Parker's avatar
      Add interface to compute gm parameters in encodeframe · d616a5ce
      Sarah Parker authored
      This patch just creates the interface for global motion computation
      and calls it from encodeframe. Currently, the function
      compute_global_motion_feature_based is empty and the work to do
      the actual parameter calculation will be added in a future patch.
      Change-Id: Ife142742140079e1c1743b66f180aeb2ecea29ae
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    • Urvang Joshi's avatar
      Palette code cleanup: · d0000208
      Urvang Joshi authored
      - Avoid some memcpy()s
      - Remove indices array
      - Make pre_indices array local
      - Avoid rounding twice
      - Other small simplifications
      Change-Id: Iac3236daaad04f21f54054cdd9504de13b942a07
    • James Zern's avatar
      remove vp8cx_set_ref.c · 2c14c539
      James Zern authored
      and the related tests. vpxcx_set_ref is the binary to use for vp10.
      Change-Id: I4c4ce7b36b165e6d06b87fd6b53923a1c11e4e6c
  4. 08 Aug, 2016 4 commits
  5. 06 Aug, 2016 3 commits
  6. 05 Aug, 2016 3 commits
    • Yue Chen's avatar
      Speed filter intra mode search in EXT_INTRA experiment · f6a5c274
      Yue Chen authored
      (1) Key frame: skip filter intra modes whose directional pred
          version is relatively bad (rd >= 1.125 * best_rd)
      (2) Inter frame: do not check filter intra modes if best_intra_rd
          >= 1.25 * best_rd
      Encoding time overhead is reduced by:
      4.9% (9.2%->4.3%, soccer_cif)
      Coding gains drop by 0.021% on lowres and by 0.076% on midres
      Change-Id: I29b6f7d3d3dc4b362c6d63bc447e6a429ba5dc66
    • Wei-ting Lin's avatar
      Fix a bug for multi_arf_allowed · c0e55de0
      Wei-ting Lin authored
      The ARF Index was wrong when updating the upsampled reference
      frame buffer.
      Compared to the baseline in which multi_arf_allowed is disabled, the
      RD performance drops 2.250% in Avg using Overall PSNR in the derf
      dataset. The performance decrease is especially in the following
      video sequences:
      foreman_cif: drops 7.489%
      husky_cif: drops 6.421%
      soccer_cif: drops 4.850%
      However, it has a significant gain in the following video sequences:
      container_cif: increases 8.043%
      harbour_cif: increases 1.332%
      Change-Id: I02472909eb34bd070d7544f57383e72559fa42b3
    • Urvang Joshi's avatar
      Palette code: simpler and faster duplicate removal · 016a5daa
      Urvang Joshi authored
      Change-Id: I0c1baa5ca73c1f067d69239d3e31d1050b4706d2