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      Flip the result of the inverse transform for FLIPADST. · 4f510809
      Geza Lore authored
      When using FLIPADST, the vp10_inv_txfm_add functions used to flip
      the destination array, add the result of the inverse transform, to it
      and then flip the destination back. This has been replaced by
      flipping the result of the inverse transform before adding it to the
      destination. Up-Down flipping is done by negating the destination
      stride, and staring from the bottom, so it should now be free.
      Left-right flipping is done with the usual SSE2 instructions in the
      optimized code.
      The C functions match the SSE2 functions as expected, so the C functions
      now do the flipping as well when required. Adding this cleanly required
      some refactoring of the C functions, but there is no measurable
      performance impact when ext-tx is not enabled.
      Encode speedup with ext-tx enabled is about 3%.
      Change-Id: I5b04e5d720f0b9f0d54fd8607a8764f2314c7234
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