1. 25 Mar, 2017 11 commits
  2. 24 Mar, 2017 14 commits
  3. 23 Mar, 2017 15 commits
    • David Barker's avatar
      Re-enable av1_nmv_ctx() when ext-inter is enabled · 9620bcd5
      David Barker authored
      Currently, mbmi->ref_mv_idx can be set to a nonzero value
      on the encoder side if mbmi->mode is one of NEARMV, NEWMV,
      NEAR_NEARMV, or NEW_NEWMV. But it can only be nonzero on the
      decoder side if the mode is NEARMV or NEWMV. Hence av1_nmv_ctx
      has previously been disabled when ext-inter is enabled, to
      prevent a mismatch due to this.
      This patch changes the encoder behaviour to match the decoder
      Change-Id: Icfe41fb72e76731ae373fe8c6065f5e003f6414f
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Account for 2x2 tx_size in extrabits_size · 008ea46a
      Jingning Han authored
      Offset the transform block size with respect to TX_4X4 when
      counting the cat6 extra bit size. This accounts for the potential
      use of 2x2 transform block size in cb4x4.
      Change-Id: Ia15ac123e4f31dc66455c3aa6925ae5e754de493
    • Jean-Marc Valin's avatar
      Do real chroma RDO search for CDEF · e9f77424
      Jean-Marc Valin authored
      Chroma now has a list of strenghts too, with the superblock signalling
      shared between luma and chroma.
      low-latency, cpu=4:
         PSNR | PSNR Cb | PSNR Cr | PSNR HVS |   SSIM | MS SSIM | CIEDE 2000
      -0.0114 | -1.4626 | -1.4745 |  -0.0423 | 0.0430 | -0.0001 |    -0.7416
      Change-Id: I389c77f1d80020f810e45f8502c656ad9d397c8c
    • Debargha Mukherjee's avatar
      Simplify warped motion estimation to use 2d ls · b9370acd
      Debargha Mukherjee authored
      Use a simpler warped motion estimation scheme that uses a 2d
      least squares problem, where the underlying assumption
      applied is that the motion vector computed at the center
      of the current block using the warp model is exactly the same
      as the motion vector transmitted for the block.
      The main motivation is to reduce the complexity of the
      estimation process.
      Coding efficiency drop is about +0.25% on lowres:
      -1.152% (from -1.396%).
      Also, removes code for non-approximate division and bakes
      approximate divison in.
      Change-Id: Ie4ad8e32593b09f7e1920c70b0b92545236ddc54
    • Alex Converse's avatar
      Drop the CPUUSED symmetry around zero. · 561d0af0
      Alex Converse authored
      Change-Id: Ifda6ddec1e0c9aff29d531c5bf6411c0072c7b0e
    • James Zern's avatar
      examples: quiet -Wshorten-64-to-32 warnings · 097fef9f
      James Zern authored
      all around usage of strtol/strtoul
      ported from libvpx:
      08b8b6bb8 examples: quiet -Wshorten-64-to-32 warnings
      Change-Id: If907c89f107a068987aa71ddd93cee9a7389e4cd
    • Yushin Cho's avatar
      Delete unused od_encode_quantizer_scaling() of PVQ · 31b980aa
      Yushin Cho authored
      Frankly I don't know what this was exactly doing in Daala
      but it cannot be supported in AV1 because
      state.sb_q_sacaling is not defined.
      Change-Id: I75cb9080aa2a4af544b436b07ddcb9c27b3d25c4
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Silient a compiler warning in av1_decode_block_tokens · 74752ca1
      Jingning Han authored
      Change-Id: I581bdb5edacd92fd40b28327fcd5bfb062dc9b5b
    • Angie Chiang's avatar
      Implement update_txb_context for lv_map · 36d616b1
      Angie Chiang authored
      Change-Id: I6bedc3a1a40e551ce4b3989382b7706a589c08f2
    • Angie Chiang's avatar
      Clean up update_and_record_txb_context · a2d5c948
      Angie Chiang authored
      Change-Id: Icbf9a2f31eb7f6c385266a0236d2ef266f43e409
    • Alex Converse's avatar
      configure: use -Wundef for C sources · ce32f705
      Alex Converse authored
      Change-Id: I1cc0d4b54263264fd1ffffb4cf33833ea841acde
    • Alex Converse's avatar
      Fix Wundef errors in simd intrinsics · fa16041c
      Alex Converse authored
      Change-Id: I551eda906c96fac77125e10e6f71e9a6edca5baf
    • Fergus Simpson's avatar
      frame_superres: Add members to AV1_COMMON · 7a71d0a0
      Fergus Simpson authored
      Adds the superres scale numerator, width, and height to the AV1_COMMON
      struct for later use in encoding and decoding. This value will also be
      added to the uncompressed frame header.
      A #define statement is also added to represent the denominator - 16.
      Change-Id: I4acec39ef3c67fa9f7118dac28daec3a2d734ed5
    • Alex Converse's avatar
      Fix Wundef warnings in public headers. · 00b7e276
      Alex Converse authored
      Change-Id: Ibd1f256dad4508194c6f23b84b6b6b6d67b9f92a
    • Alex Converse's avatar
      Fix Wundef warnings inside the codec · 64d7ef67
      Alex Converse authored
      Change-Id: I2f4a5c836905b089b91b211368bf3a0dea682b75