1. 12 Aug, 2011 5 commits
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      Generate libvpx_srcs.txt from current configuration · 5e562c77
      John Koleszar authored
      To get a list of files that the libvpx library depends on in the current
      configuration, run:
        $ make target=libs libvpx_srcs.txt
      Change-Id: I68a69648ecf212f0fe29c325297728ac2a9393d9
    • John Koleszar's avatar
      Revert "Improved 1-pass CBR rate control" · e9613170
      John Koleszar authored
      This reverts commit b5ea2fbc. Further
      testing showed noticable keyframe popping in some cases, reverting this
      for now to give time for a proper fix.
      Change-Id: I159f53d1bf0e24c035754ab3ded8ccfd58fd04af
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      Propagate macroblock MV to subblocks for error concealment · a4c2211e
      John Koleszar authored
      EC expects the subblock MVs to be populated, but
      f1d6cc79 removed this code. This
      commit restores it, protected by CONFIG_ERROR_CONCEALMENT. May move this
      to the EC code more directly in the future.
      Change-Id: I44f8f985720cb9a1bf222e59143f9e69abf56ad2
    • Stefan Holmer's avatar
      Disable error concealment until first key frame is decoded · a609be56
      Stefan Holmer authored
      When error concealment is enabled the first key frame must
      be successfully received before error concealment is activated.
      Error concealment will be activated when the delta following
      delta frame is received.
      Also fixed a couple of bugs related to error tracking in
      multi-threading. And avoiding decoding corrupt residual
      when we have multiple non-resilient partitions.
      Change-Id: I45c4bb296e2f05f57624aef500a874faf431a60d
    • John Koleszar's avatar
      Fix potential OOB read with Error Concealment · cdae03a4
      John Koleszar authored
      This patch fixes an OOB read when error concealment is enabled and the
      partition sizes are corrupt. The partition size read from the bitstream
      was not being validated in EC mode.
      Change-Id: Ia81dfd4bce1ab29ee78e42320abe52cee8318974
  2. 04 Aug, 2011 1 commit
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  7. 28 Jul, 2011 2 commits
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    • John Koleszar's avatar
      Convert rc_max_intra_bitrate_pct to control · 1654ae9a
      John Koleszar authored
      Since this is the only ABI incompatible change since the last release,
      convert it to use the control interface instead. The member of the
      configuration struct is replaced with the VP8E_SET_MAX_INTRA_BITRATE_PCT
      More significant API changes were expected to be forthcoming when this
      control was first introduced, and while they continue to be expected,
      it's not worth breaking compatibility for only this change.
      Change-Id: I799d8dbe24c8bc9c241e0b7743b2b64f81327d59
  8. 27 Jul, 2011 4 commits
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      Preload reference area in sub-pixel motion search (real-time mode) · 2f2302f8
      Yunqing Wang authored
      This change implemented same idea in change "Preload reference area
      to an intermediate buffer in sub-pixel motion search." The changes
      were made to vp8_find_best_sub_pixel_step() and vp8_find_best_half
      _pixel_step() functions which are called when speed >= 5. Test
      result (using tulip clip):
      1. On Core2 Quad machine(Linux)
      rt mode, speed (-5 ~ -8), encoding speed gain: 2% ~ 3%
      rt mode, speed (-9 ~ -11), encoding speed gain: 1% ~ 2%
      rt mode, speed (-12 ~ -14), no noticeable encoding speed gain
      2. On Xeon machine(Linux)
      Test on speed (-5 ~ -14) didn't show noticeable speed change.
      Change-Id: I21bec2d6e7fbe541fcc0f4c0366bbdf3e2076aa2
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      Merge "Fix range checks in motion search" · f11613b6
      Yunqing Wang authored
    • Yunqing Wang's avatar
      Fix range checks in motion search · bde2afbe
      Yunqing Wang authored
      There were some situations that the start motion vectors were
      out of range. This fix adjusted range checks to make sure they
      are checked and clamped.
      Change-Id: Ife83b7fed0882bba6d1fa559b6e63c054fd5065d
    • James Zern's avatar
      vpxenc: cosmetics: timebase help update / spelling · 3a975d94
      James Zern authored
      The timebase update fixes Issue #61.
      Change-Id: I425158da7ea639464f61e6dd604ac9e6c72b7266
  9. 26 Jul, 2011 4 commits
  10. 25 Jul, 2011 3 commits