1. 23 Oct, 2017 10 commits
  2. 22 Oct, 2017 2 commits
    • Nathan E. Egge's avatar
      Add new 4-point Type-II DCT to daala_tx. · 945176aa
      Nathan E. Egge authored
      Replaces the lifting based orthonormal 4-point Type-II DCT with an
       orthonormal 4-point Type-II DCT that has no iterative multiplies.
      Change-Id: I8f3dbe16bc47cfcd7ad0b180d2159bc51656d77c
    • Nathan E. Egge's avatar
      Add new 8-point Type-VII DST to daala_tx. · efb44bb8
      Nathan E. Egge authored
      Replaces the lifting based orthonormal 8-point Type-IV DST with an
       orthonormal 8-point Type-VII DST that has no iterative multiplies.
      Change-Id: Idb95e7f3056c7c74a5444565ab5262b58ef5604a
  3. 21 Oct, 2017 6 commits
  4. 20 Oct, 2017 22 commits
    • Johann's avatar
      expand gtest cpu extension filter · c4ec0329
      Johann authored and James Zern's avatar James Zern committed
      Look for OPT_ because this style is used to manually shard the intrapred
      test and it's speed variant.
      Change-Id: Ic294148e76a1d152e65a4df0c024280fe93ab6c6
    • James Zern's avatar
      simd_cmp_impl.h: quiet visual studio warning · 04401474
      James Zern authored
      Disable "value of intrinsic immediate argument 'value' is out of range
      'lowerbound - upperbound'" warning. Visual Studio emits this warning though
      the parameters are conditionally checked in e.g., v256_shr_n_byte. Adding a
      mask doesn't always appear to be sufficient.
      079acac1 Silence warnings in VS
      Change-Id: Ie51ca75b3816636336122fb9a9a9cf20fdf2486c
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Reduce size of TX_SIZE for msvc · 25f9771e
      Yaowu Xu authored
      MSVC always use int for enum type, this caused the TX_SIZE to be a
      4-byte type. This commit is a work around for MSVC to reduce the size
      of memory usage.
      Change-Id: I5383ca632ccef9951d87e678d505a0918eab1a76
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Reduce the mfmv stack size in use · 09723813
      Jingning Han authored
      Change-Id: I43c3f337e2a648ec4ee17ceab0a8f6892924d3b2
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Make more enum types packed · 812897db
      Yaowu Xu authored
      This helps compilers(gcc/clang) to use smaller integer types.
      Change-Id: I5ee6bda0a76468daca916c8b9120d9e7e78ade8e
    • Monty Montgomery's avatar
      Add Daala TX to 16x32 and 32x16 transforms · ad396850
      Monty Montgomery authored
      Rectangular 416x32 and 32x16 will now use Daala TX when CONFIG_DAALA_DCT16 and
      CONFIG_DAALA_DCT32 are both enabled.
      Change-Id: Iab3737605fa10dc09ceab18856a26165c502e6e5
    • Monty Montgomery's avatar
      Add Daala TX to 8x16 and 16x8 transforms · 7eb4454b
      Monty Montgomery authored
      Rectangular 8x16 and 16x8 will now use Daala TX when CONFIG_DAALA_TX8 and
      CONFIG_DAALA_TX16 are both enabled.
      Change-Id: I777d5433addb8ffd4a99f7e021768d4f8651008f
    • Monty Montgomery's avatar
      Add Daala TX to 4x8 and 8x4 transforms · abd94510
      Monty Montgomery authored
      Rectangular 4x8 and 8x4 will now use Daala TX when CONFIG_DAALA_TX4 and
      CONFIG_DAALA_TX8 are both enabled.
      Change-Id: I56659c3e98e4bbd5bd3591404f9ff72120b33d6f
    • Sebastien Alaiwan's avatar
      Don't reject invalid warped motion model · 1eac584f
      Sebastien Alaiwan authored
      Fallback to default warp params instead.
      The extra assignment to DEFAULT_WMTYPE prevents an assertion.
      Change-Id: If21a46cbb4cc9761e5c94bd2fcbc3a06342d677d
    • Nathan E. Egge's avatar
      Fix a bug in the DAALA_TX 16-point DST functions. · 69a16433
      Nathan E. Egge authored
      The OD_FDST_16() and OD_IDST_16() macros were written for use in the
       OD_FDCT_32_ASYM macro which took asymmetrically scaled input and
       after running an asymmetric butterfly step, passed it through to
       the 16-point Type-II DCT and 16-point Type-IV DST.
      Because the DST implementations were never tested as stand alone
       transforms, some of the signs from the butterfly step ended up inside
       the DST macros.
      These extra operations will be addressed in a follow up patch.
      Change-Id: I32f54a4bb70cd8fad4ae5646cfa4f5b14a0f969b
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      mfmv projection constraint · 7f537b85
      Jingning Han authored
      Apply constraint of 64x(64 + 2 x 64) referencing region on the
      reference frames.
      Change-Id: I4aa2b47082b85fc9e03ca6f5f489cd80a337c218
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Revert "Change test video size to 1080p" · 69ac7bf7
      Yaowu Xu authored
      This reverts commit bc2e897d.
      The reduction in image size is not helpful enough to reduce the large
      memory allocations. 
      Change-Id: Iac005c50ba33bbc8f2e75f9dacc0b1dfccf7177b
    • Yi Luo's avatar
      Lowbd D207E/D63E/D45E intrapred x86 optimization · ae676953
      Yi Luo authored
      Predictor  SSE2 vs C
      4x4        ~2.6X
      4x8        ~2.5X
      8x4        ~8.0X
      8x8        ~9.1X
      8x16       ~11.7X
      16x8       ~16.9X
      16x16      ~17.3X
      16x32      ~17.2X
      32x16      ~30.2X
      32x32      ~35.5X
      Predictor  SSE2 vs C
      4x4        ~4.7X
      4x8        ~4.9X
      8x4        ~7.8X
      8x8        ~8.9X
      8x16       ~9.3X
      16x8       ~15.7X
      16x16      ~14.7X
      16x32      ~17.3X
      32x16      ~18.0X
      32x32      ~15.7X
      Predictor  SSSE3 vs C
      4x4        ~1.8X
      4x8        ~2.9X
      8x4        ~6.7X
      8x8        ~6.5X
      8x16       ~7.4X
      16x8       ~24.4X
      16x16      ~21.5X
      16x32      ~24.2X
      32x16      ~25.4X
      32x32      ~25.2X
      Change-Id: I8215de190e2b6314272749761600e389d1ca0fdf
    • Yi Luo's avatar
      Remove compiler warnings in weekly test · 08ee5c86
      Yi Luo authored
      Change-Id: I5873d6caa8304fdc1b5fc668b05204f5e5fb73c1
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Condidtionally drop projection from the alt2 frame · 49705df3
      Jingning Han authored
      Change-Id: I3ac81379669678254672f125df281980b687e16e
    • Sebastien Alaiwan's avatar
      Reduce run time of CodingPathSync test · dd4f0fa5
      Sebastien Alaiwan authored
      Move longer tests to nightly
      Change-Id: Ic78c8c582ce33b11f13265b085e3c6cc828107d9
    • Debargha Mukherjee's avatar
      Fix some var-tx mismatches when rect-tx is off · 4def76a5
      Debargha Mukherjee authored
      Change-Id: I91efb93cade65469a2c4e922253b599270b45406
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Squash type conversion warnings in MSVC · 29373eef
      Yaowu Xu authored and James Zern's avatar James Zern committed
      Change-Id: I457edba98dd1ebbd212651247d6c0d1a34f780d6
    • Debargha Mukherjee's avatar
      Fix assert failure with tx64x64 and ext-partiton · 1fa24467
      Debargha Mukherjee authored
      Fixes an assert failure when 32x64 and 64x32 partitions are used
      with tx64x64 when ext-partition is also on.
      Change-Id: I3bf50aeab58ec4ba2c9892e6eb18cf60e425fa42
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Make alignment declaration consistent · 9511a433
      Yaowu Xu authored
      Fix msvc 2013 warnings.
      Change-Id: I48616d2568c3c1c6d40dd4fbf01f8720495972ee
      (cherry picked from commit e21b840727b6c56bb35cba43229187fd4509bbef)
    • Debargha Mukherjee's avatar
      Remove CONFIG_CB4X4 config flags · 6ea917ec
      Debargha Mukherjee authored
      Since CB4X4 is adopted and without it the codec does not work,
      it is better to remove it and simplify the code.
      Change-Id: I51019312846928069727967e3b2bbb60f0fba80d
    • Debargha Mukherjee's avatar
      Enable switchable restoration for chroma · a3d4fe50
      Debargha Mukherjee authored
      Change-Id: I78a8a1749cd4449c61a106f413c697e4a2df0475