1. 12 Jul, 2017 1 commit
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      ext-partition-types: Add 4:1 partitions · 93c39e91
      Rupert Swarbrick authored
      This patch adds support for 4:1 rectangular blocks to various common
      data arrays, and adds new partition types to the EXT_PARTITION_TYPES
      experiment which will use them.
      This patch has the following restrictions, which can be lifted in
      future patches:
        * ext-partition-types is incompatible with fp_mb_stats and supertx
          for the moment
        * Currently only 32x32 superblocks can use the new partition types
      There's a slightly odd restriction about when we allow
      PARTITION_HORZ_4 or PARTITION_VERT_4. Since these both live in the
      EXT_PARTITION_TYPES CDF, read_partition() can only return them if both
      has_rows and has_cols is true. This means that at least half of the
      width and height of the block must be visible. It might be nice to
      relax that restriction but that would imply a change to how we encode
      partition types, which seems already to be in a state of flux, so
      maybe it's better to wait until that has settled down.
      Change-Id: Id7fc3fd0f762f35f63b3d3e3bf4e07c245c7b4fa
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      Clear test failures and compiler warnings of MOTION_VAR · dead17d2
      Yue Chen authored
      (1) Properly set params to default values to clear a unit test
      failure when seg feature and motion_var are both on.
      (2) Silenced compiling warnings in obmc variance functions.
      Change-Id: Iaf4ee47c9941a228638d6046bcd1206f4a4f566a
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