1. 19 Sep, 2017 15 commits
  2. 18 Sep, 2017 15 commits
  3. 16 Sep, 2017 10 commits
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      Remove the itrans DSPR2 sources. · 77f792f0
      Tom Finegan authored
      These files define functions that are unused. Update CMake
      and configure builds to remove references and delete the
      source files. These files defined the DSPR2 specializations
      of high bit depth versions of the following functions:
      - av1_iht16x16_256_add
      - av1_iht8x8_64_add
      - av1_iht4x4_16_add
      Change-Id: Ie3ef2592efe1519589a735b0d0db2806eec83e59
    • Hui Su's avatar
      intrabc: consider mode cost in RD selection · 8dc0092f
      Hui Su authored
      Should take the overhead into consideration when intrabc is not
      being used. Did not see much coding gain with this patch though.
      Change-Id: Ie997c1a7284159252d5f663171957c044d3e0a03
    • Hui Su's avatar
      intrabc: replace prob with cdf · 6c8584f6
      Hui Su authored
      Improves keyframe coding by 0.1% on the screen_content testset.
      Change-Id: I5793a67eaae21010ef200038af99ebb9029fc770
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Properly count the rate cost in base range coding · 772dee37
      Jingning Han authored
      Properly count the base range coefficient coding in the rate
      distortion optimization and soft quantization process.
      Change-Id: I860001f51c4a9d0021d08b85b8ccdb097121b287
    • Joe Young's avatar
      [intra-edge] Vectorize edge filtering functions · 89d321f7
      Joe Young authored
      Add sse4_1 functions for Intra-edge experiment:
      Approx cycle reduction at qp 20, 1 kf:
        Enc (lbd) 1.4% to 0.3%
        Dec (lbd) 0.4% to 0.1%
        Enc (hbd) 1.1% to 0.2%
        Dec (hbd) 0.6% to 0.1%
      No change to bitstream
      Change-Id: I176b2d125424d7d226114c807915c33dde5c3720
    • Angie Chiang's avatar
      Consider 4 neighbors in try_level_down() · e80957ff
      Angie Chiang authored
      This will let the coding performance drop by 0.1%,
      but it will speed up encoder by 40%
      The change is under the flag FAST_OPTIMIZE_TXB
      Change-Id: I07dea24e818123e27c4347189aaec59deb42903c
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      Add test executables to AOM_APP_TARGETS list in the CMake build. · 140dcd57
      Tom Finegan authored
      Change-Id: Ia4ec99ce8f3dd0098764571777e78adac21b6e67
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      Add missing CMake include guard in x86-linux.cmake. · f7a80485
      Tom Finegan authored
      Change-Id: Iaf93f37d8b6e2e8d256f8ff5a408d45802a2ae57
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      Fix CMake mips32 build with DSPR2 enabled. · db724cf0
      Tom Finegan authored
      - Add aom_scale dspr2 sources to the correct target (aom).
      - Fix an inverted high bit depth condition.
      - Remove claims that dspr2 variants of av1_iht16x16_256_add_dspr2,
        av1_iht8x8_64_add_dspr2, av1_iht4x4_16_add_dspr2 from
        av1_rtcd_defs.pl exist in low bit depth configs.
      Change-Id: Ibdd42e475b81c2491f02ba10ca0d461f7ff15bc5
    • Tom Finegan's avatar
      Fix mips32 dspr2 build warnings. · 3b411360
      Tom Finegan authored
      Change-Id: Iadbb91ca1905318f094fdfae95f2c4db87943842