1. 06 Jul, 2015 2 commits
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      Expose params min-gf-interval/max-gf-interval · 98526433
      Debargha Mukherjee authored
      Adds two new vp9 parameters --min-gf-interval and --max-gf-interval
      to enable testing based on frequency of alt-ref frames.
      Also adds a unit-test to test enforcement of min-gf-interval.
      For both these parameters the default value is 0, which indicates
      they are picked by the encoder, based on resolution and framerate
      considerations. If they are greater than zero, the specified
      parameter is honored.
      (Additional note by paulwilkins)
      Note that there is a slight oddity in that key frames are also GFs and
      considered part of  GF only group. However they are treated as not
      being part of an arf group because for arf groups the previous GF is
      assumed to be the terminal or overlay frame for the previous group.
      (end note)
      Change-Id: Ibf0c30b72074b3f71918ab278ccccc02a95a70a0
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      Merge "Rename vpx_thread to vpx_util" · 39f03bf9
      Jingning Han authored
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