1. 25 Sep, 2013 1 commit
    • Dmitry Kovalev's avatar
      Replacing txfm with tx. · d0365c4a
      Dmitry Kovalev authored
      Renaming txfm_stepdown_count to tx_stepdown_count and max_txfm_size to
      Change-Id: Ifc173e22c78240e561a57c4c741b64b1b8fc6fef
  2. 24 Sep, 2013 23 commits
  3. 23 Sep, 2013 7 commits
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      Correct 3 step search site initialziation · 838eae39
      Yaowu Xu authored
      39c7b01d accidently reverted the row/col initialization, which broke
      mv clamps, which is dependent on the sites for valid motion vector
      range. This commit fixed the issue.
      Change-Id: Ibcce0226e0360b1ef483fe760b2e33f1af4bf494
    • Yunqing Wang's avatar
      Hide global symbols for macho32/64 · 071395de
      Yunqing Wang authored
      Added hiding global symbols for macho32 and macho64 in x86inc.asm.
      This was done to fix exported symbol issue in Chrome build.
      Change-Id: I08d5c559b985b82f655b537469fee125615e78c0
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Enable per transformed block zero coeffs forcing · a517343c
      Jingning Han authored
      This commit enables forcing all coefficients zero per transformed
      block, when its rate-distortion cost is lower than regular coeff
      The overall performance improvement (including its parent patch on
      calculating rd cost per transformed block) at speed 1:
      derf:  0.298%
      yt:    0.452%
      hd:    0.741%
      stdhd: 0.006%
      Change-Id: I66005fe0fd7af192c3eba32e02fd6d77952accb5
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      Improves constant qual, constrained qual turned on · d11221f4
      Deb Mukherjee authored
      Adds modeled functions to decide the qp for altref frames in constant q
      mode similar to other functions in use in bitrate mode.
      Also turns on the constrained quality mode (end-usage=2) option which
      was turned off before. Basic testing shows the mode works in principle,
      to cap bitrate to the target-bitrate specified, while allowing lower
      bitrate depending on the cq-level specified. The mode will need to be
      improved over time.
      Results for constant quality vs bitrate control mode:
      derfraw300/fullderfraw: +3.0% at constant quality over bitrate control.
      fullstdhdraw: +4.341%
      stdhdraw250: +5.361%
      Change-Id: If5027c9ec66c8e88d33e47062c6cb84a07b1cda9
  4. 21 Sep, 2013 2 commits
  5. 20 Sep, 2013 6 commits
  6. 19 Sep, 2013 1 commit
    • Jingning Han's avatar
      Remove redundant mv_pred use for sub8x8 blocks · 44b708b4
      Jingning Han authored
      The sub8x8 blocks has its own motion vector reference scheme. The
      mv_pred is only used blocks of sizes 8x8 and above, to find the
      starting point for motion search.
      This change does not change any coding behavior. It makes the
      encoding process slightly faster. (0.5% speed-up for local test on
      speed 1.)
      Change-Id: I746ee6ef0eac19aa3621be014afa12be8d82cbb9