1. 10 May, 2016 4 commits
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      Use multiple tiles in V10 tile independence tests. · d29062c4
      Geza Lore authored
      Change-Id: I6e5c1cbe1bf40d2f7a0d8bd821cac8ce626ce3b8
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      Break tile row dependencies. · 9ab9438f
      Geza Lore authored
      When not using ext-tile, there were still dependencies between tile
      rows due to various tools (eg intra predictors) relying on the above
      row or above mode info, which can be in the above tile. This is now
      broken (the same way as it was when ext-tile is enabled) by fixing
      the appropriate predicates.
      Change-Id: I107dd0d8481775a792f14e05cfbbd761f16cdc1e
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      Fix interintra predictor buffer overflow. · e9d2e362
      Geza Lore authored
      When constructing the intra predictor for rectangular interintra blocks,
      the last row/column of the first square is copied back into the source
      image (which is the current reconstructed image buffer) before
      predicting the second square. The code used to use the height instead
      of width for vertical rectangles, and vice versa for horizontal
      rectangles, leading to overwriting the block on the right/below. This
      leads to an encode/decode mismatch if the right/below block is in a
      different tile and is encoded before the current block, which did happen
      with multi-threaded encoding tests. This is now fixed.
      Change-Id: I073a2a447a98b842b1394d72cc774a78cb296921
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      Print mismatch location for failing tests. · e0dcab9d
      Geza Lore authored
      Change-Id: Ied6929bf5ac41ca25ee4df4ef19edada5bf1e8cd
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