1. 23 Feb, 2016 1 commit
  2. 22 Feb, 2016 4 commits
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Cleanup psnr.h · 38cfc45e
      Yaowu Xu authored
      Change-Id: Id026e72ee655ee5bd645a89e378da0d462be367d
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Add shift stage in FASTSSIM computation · d1c5cd4a
      Yaowu Xu authored
      This commits adds a shift stage for FASTSSIM computaton when source
      bit depth is different from working bit depth, to make sure metric
      results are calculated in bit_depth consistent with source.
      Change-Id: I997799634076ef7b00fd051710544681ed536185
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Add shift stage for PSNRHVS computation · 195bf52b
      Yaowu Xu authored
      This commit adds the ability to shift down the working buffer when
      source bit_depth is different than working bit_depth. It does so
      by shift down to be consistent with source bit_depth.
      Change-Id: Idfdbfc614d73fe445d62e35e642cc7d75e9dc4ff
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Move psnrhvs function declaration to psnr.h · 6e695da2
      Yaowu Xu authored
      From "ssim.h"
      Change-Id: Ie53378794149ef8a844b4eb47ad4f08579de4b60
  3. 21 Feb, 2016 1 commit
    • Yaowu Xu's avatar
      Extend HBDMetricTest · f6a7b17a
      Yaowu Xu authored
      This commit extends the HBDMetricTests to handle testing for metric
      computation where input source depth is different from working bit
      Change-Id: I5d11101cc9603a3fd09e8439816bb982a0f1b654
  4. 20 Feb, 2016 1 commit
  5. 19 Feb, 2016 2 commits
  6. 18 Feb, 2016 7 commits
  7. 17 Feb, 2016 7 commits
  8. 16 Feb, 2016 12 commits
  9. 15 Feb, 2016 1 commit
    • Geza Lore's avatar
      Add optimized vpx_sum_squares_2d_i16 for vp10. · abd00505
      Geza Lore authored
      Using this we can eliminate large numbers of calls to predict intra,
      and is also faster than most of the variance functions it replaces.
      This is an equivalence transform so coding performance is unaffected.
      Encoder speedup is approx 7% when var_tx, super_tx and ext_tx are all
      Change-Id: I0d4c83afc4a97a1826f3abd864bd68e41bb504fb
  10. 13 Feb, 2016 1 commit
    • James Zern's avatar
      Merge changes from topic 'unused-params' · 425b1562
      James Zern authored
      * changes:
        tests: quiet some unused parameter warnings
        vp9_error_block_test: prefer EXPECT over assert()
        vp9_encoder_parms_get_to_decoder: add missing initializers
        vpxenc: quiet unused param warning
        vpx_ve_predictor_4x4_c: quiet unused param warning
  11. 12 Feb, 2016 3 commits