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    [NORMATIVE] Add decoder support for frame_refs_signaling · b57fee02
    Zoe Liu authored
    One bit is added to the frame header, to signal whether the references
    for inter frames will be short-signaled.
    When the bit is set, only 6 bits are used at the frame header level to
    signal the choices of LAST_FRAME and GOLDEN_FRAME out of the eight
    buffered references. All the other 5 references will be specified
    using the frame offset info. Hence, compared to the baseline, the use
    of frame_refs_signaling provides 2 scenarios:
    (1) Reference short-signaling:
        3*7 - (1+3*2) = 14 bits are saved in the frame header;
    (2) Reference regular-signaling:
        1 bit is added to the frame header.
    Change-Id: I2d4ff0e367a4df107235c1e7066dd28cb2c60431
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