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    Fix render size with !CONFIG_FRAME_SUPERRES · 6e5ade98
    David Barker authored
    If CONFIG_FRAME_SUPERRES is disabled, and we don't explicitly signal
    a render size for a frame, then the render size would be set to the
    crop size of the *previous* frame (or 0 for the first frame in a video).
    Return to using the VP9 behaviour in this case (albeit coded slightly
    differently to help support superres) - ie, use the crop size of the
    current frame if an explicit render size is not provided.
    We do this by moving the calls to resize_context_buffers() (which sets
    up cm->width and cm->height) before the calls to setup_render_size
    (which might use those values). Because resize_context_buffers() does not
    read any data, the bitstream format should not be affected, aside from
    the intended bugfix.
    Change-Id: I4fc71b9aea36cc06e10408715c205d9674f87fc2
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