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    Adding config file parsing implementation · cc6e0e16
    Maxym Dmytrychenko authored
    Parameters from config file will be added at --cfg options location to
    be processed
    Config file example:
     #ignore comment
     ext-partition   : 1 #ignore as well
     codec           : av1
     psnr            : ON
        - Config file is a simple text file
        - Comment starts with hash(#)
          Can be full line or part of the line, after hash(#) details are
        - Format: field : value
          colon(:) as delimeter, otherwise full line will be ignored
          Space(s) and tab(s) can be used, not inside field
        - long names for field are prefered
           existing --long_name option format
        - "no value" fields should contain ON as value
    Example of usage:
        aomenc --cfg=some.cfg src_filename
    Configurations support matrix:
    enable-ext-partition         : done
    enable-loop-restoration      : wip
    enable-deblocking            : wip
    Change-Id: Iad867c5d2da64271cdafa825c89f7d6444582f61
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