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    Make yv12_buffer_config more uniform · 82529d22
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    This patch slightly reorders the fields in yv12_buffer_config and then
    uses anonymous unions in order to make it possible to write code that
    iterates uniformly over planes.
    The patch also ports some code (mostly in yv12extend.c and
    aom_scale.c) to show how this can make things more concise.
    This should make no difference to the coded results. I think it's
    unlikely to have any significant performance impact (the reordered
    fields in a yv12_buffer_config only come to 17*4 = 68 bytes in total,
    so almost fit in a normal sized cache line).
    Change-Id: Iebb46344500b9df82915f34cfd193e189d712062
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