Commit c1018adb authored by David Barker's avatar David Barker Committed by Yue Chen

Fix encoder when loopfiltering-across-tiles is enabled

Patch 5c06a646 pulled the "if (!cm->loopfilter_across_tiles_enabled)"
check out of av1_setup_across_tile_boundary_info, intending for the
condition to be checked in the caller instead. The check was added
to the decoder but not to the encoder, leading to encode/decode
mismatches when the flag was set.

Fix this by correctly applying the change to the encoder as well.


Change-Id: I61182bd717e2cb84228091fb439270dce153705e
parent f6692b7b
......@@ -4878,7 +4878,8 @@ void av1_encode_tile(AV1_COMP *cpi, ThreadData *td, int tile_row,
#endif // CONFIG_PVQ
av1_setup_across_tile_boundary_info(cm, tile_info);
if (!cm->loop_filter_across_tiles_enabled)
av1_setup_across_tile_boundary_info(cm, tile_info);
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