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    Roll libwebm a97c484b..7baf4cb · 8fd5c128
    Tom Finegan authored
    0ae7570 Fix android build failure with NDK r15b.
    9af1e59 Avoid float overflows due to casts of out of range values.
    2e76d22 Add command line support for projection_type
    245e7a2 mkvparser: Fix integer overflow in Block::GetTime
    86fa6dc mkvparser: Fix potential overflow in Block::Parse
    960b81e .clang-format: update to 4.0.1
    22de626 apply clang-format
    27eb0b9 Fix builds with mingw x86 and x86_64.
    fbc8ab9 Improve mingw support.
    e590bc2 Fix include-what-you-use warning in common/file_util.cc.
    7baf4cb Merge "Fix include-what-you-use warning in common/file_util.cc."
    Change-Id: I003760dc74b8c6b458db39bd5c4839802cba30c0
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