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    third_party: Roll libwebm snapshot. · 74aaa238
    Tom Finegan authored
    5c50e31 Add support for parsing VPx track codec private data.
    4cbdbf1 Fix Android build.
    bb48a3f mkvmuxerutil: remove stray 'int32'
    a1cba34 Support cross compile for windows via mingw64.
    596f5e0 Add webm_info.
    ccf75f6 msvc/muxer_tests: Silence integer conversion warnings.
    2ff2954 msvc/webm2pes: Silence integer and floating point conversion warnings.
    1f24323 msvc/hdr_util: Silence double to float conversion warnings.
    0744563 msvc/vpxpes_parser: Silence integer conversion warning.
    59614b8 msvc/libwebm_util: Fix floating point to int conversion warning.
    6481c24 webvtt: Fix include in vttreader.
    e6ed0f4 msvc/vpxpes2ts: Fix MSVC integer conversion warning.
    da64396 cmake/msvc: Disable C4996 project wide.
    6ef8264 Merge "mkvparser::BlockEntry: inline EOS()"
    3fa6aec mkvparser::BlockEntry: inline EOS()
    26306f9 mkvmuxer: Remove unused Cluster ctor overload.
    0d76597 mkvmuxer: Fix build with GCC 5.3.
    0ba80bc mkvparser/sample: Minor clean up.
    2e0e906 iosbuild.sh: Fix build.
    918440a Makefile.unix: allow CXXFLAGS to be easily overridden
    4ff5785 cmake: Add C++11 move ctor and member initializer tests.
    402ef4d cmake: remove argc and argv from C++11 test main fns.
    cbe5c40 Restore original namespaces for mkvmuxer and mkvparser.
    504e0f2 Mass file extension update.
    79cb980 Android.mk: Update source file locations.
    01db4c2 webmids: Move to common/ sub dir.
    235ce59 mkvparser: Explicitly reference internal sources in includes.
    f578419 mkvmuxer: Move sources to mkvmuxer/ sub dir.
    5f1065e webvtt: Organize and clean up webvtt support.
    7abe8ac cmake: Add missing dumpvtt target.
    f2f87e2 Makefile.unix: Tidy things up.
    12f6dc3 Use <stdint.h> types instead of custom typedefs.
    0407360 mkvmuxer: Write last block in each Cluster with Duration
    008aa63 mkvparser: move to mkvparser sub dir.
    e64bf75 Namespace reorg: Make everything a child of libwebm.
    5fdb386 cmake: move c++11 checks into build/cxx11_tests.cmake.
    3672488 Copy reference block values in Frame::CopyFrom()
    91ca780 reapply clang-format
    8d34215 Merge "Clean up AddAudioTrack in muxer_tests"
    90861d4 Clean up AddAudioTrack in muxer_tests
    a9dfb3d Un-ignore webm files in testdata
    c5b76d8 Extract PES parser from WebM2Pes tests.
    16524e8 cmake: Add include-what-you-use integration.
    7015af5 iwyu/vpxpes2ts: Update includes.
    c1d6a70 iwyu/webm2pes: Update includes.
    110e797 iwyu/libwebm_util: Update includes.
    44e31fb iwyu/webm2pes_tests: Update includes.
    d919f96 iwyu/mkvwriter: Update includes.
    75790e1 iwyu/mkvparser: Update includes.
    5f673ca iwyu/webm2pes_main: Update includes.
    747244a iwyu/vpxpes2ts_main: Update includes.
    94c985f iwyu/mkvmuxerutil: Update includes.
    c365630 iwyu/mkvmuxer: Update includes.
    b15b8ef iwyu/file_util: Update includes.
    3dfba95 iwyu/hdr_util: Update includes.
    baba8b1 iwyu/vttdemux: Update includes.
    3212ec1 iwyu/webvttparser: Update includes.
    b6d8d92 iwyu/sample_muxer_metadata: Update includes.
    a9a1a01 iwyu/sample_muxer: Update includes.
    e020ffd iwyu/sample: Update includes.
    18834bc iwyu/parser_tests: Update includes.
    9c00ae3 iwyu/muxer_tests: Update includes.
    41a17eb iwyu/test_util: Update includes
    b6174be muxer_tests: Fix windows brokenness.
    e092515 file_util: Remove tmpnam() usage in MSVC.
    b9dc4ac test_util: Don't pass NULL to std::string() in GetTestDataDir().
    1f74651 webmts: Move PES/TS sources to m2ts sub directory.
    1b895e9 Rename libwebm_utils to libwebm_util.
    2fabcd3 sample_muxer: Replace std::tmpnam() with libwebm::GetTempFileName().
    e6a0033 Add file_util.
    87f9bea Move hdr_util to common.
    1f64aaf cmake: Expand C++11 tests.
    6dc81c1 muxer_tests: Die immediately when unable to prep for file writing.
    521ce4d webm2pes: Fix type limit warning.
    64c4163 vpxpes2ts: Fix sign-compare and type-limits warnings.
    741ba68 muxer_tests: Replace std::tmpnam() with GetTempFileName().
    6159e83 Merge "test_util: add missing include for close()"
    ff81c74 parser_tests: Fix sign compare warnings.
    163f57d test_util: add missing include for close()
    7c89eb5 Merge "test_util: Remove tmpnam() usage on non-MSVC targets."
    c4b8686 Merge "webm2pes_tests: Fix sign compare warnings."
    9c9f546 Merge "muxer_tests: Fix sign compare warnings."
    0fbefef webm2pes: Silence sign compare warnings.
    599e4e8 cmake: Silence clang/gcc deprecation warnings.
    82f376f test_util: Remove tmpnam() usage on non-MSVC targets.
    4d31d6b webm2pes_tests: Fix sign compare warnings.
    07ed7e0 muxer_tests: Fix sign compare warnings.
    ae2fbfe parser_tests: Silence sign compare warning.
    f488528 libwebm_utils: Silence sign compare warning.
    777247b Add C++11 detection to cmake file.
    9b89187 Add missing include to libwebm_utils.h.
    421874a Merge "mkvmuxer: Fix GCC build."
    dd6ab35 Set the mastering metadata on the muxers colour
    8b61ef5 mkvmuxer: Fix GCC build.
    353b050 Add hdr_util.
    c92e080 mkvmuxer: Use kValueNotPresent in Colour/MasteringMetadata.
    2d09128 Colour element: TransferFunction renamed to TransferCharacteristics.
    f2fc28e Colour element: Matrix renamed to MatrixCoefficients.
    e0b1135 cmake: Minor CMakeLists.txt refactor.
    1e1872b Revert change from auto_ptr to unique_ptr in sample code.
    d7fc382 Track updates to the proposed Matroska Colour spec.
    99981ee sample(mkvparser): Output Colour element when present.
    375e416 mkvmuxer: Fix Colour element support.
    eaeca34 mkvmuxer: Fix bits per channel in the colour element.
    1dab7f3 mkvparser: Avoid crash when encountering a Colour element.
    a1517aa sample_muxer: copy the Colour element.
    ea9dd94 Merge "webm2pes: Fix tests."
    8635c5b Merge "mkvparser: Make omitted values detectable in the Colour element."
    ae4ae7e mkvparser: Make omitted values detectable in the Colour element.
    8c8cba6 webm2pes: Fix tests.
    a281a22 mkvmuxer: Add support for the Colour element and its children.
    41a9147 sample_muxer: clang-format include order fix.
    939a64d Signal E_BUFFER_NOT_FULL in EBMLHeader::Parse
    fb1406e mkvparser: Add support for the Colour element and its children.
    22bfdf7 Merge "parser_tests: Add validation of cues."
    b873000 parser_tests: Add validation of cues.
    799891e Update .gitignore to include some new binaries
    e051c60 Merge "Update muxer test gold files"
    b81d5f0 Update muxer test gold files
    48b1e9a mkvparser: clang format run
    93c4690 webm2pes: Add PES packet parsing tests.
    65ca38f Merge "test_util: Fix gcc build."
    520ca6c Merge "parser_tests: Fix gcc build."
    37a38ca test_util: Fix gcc build.
    ee0ebba parser_tests: Fix gcc build.
    c32f970 Replace auto_ptr usage with unique_ptr.
    e569ab0 webm2pes/ts: Fix gcc build.
    2e55d6c Merge "add bitcode embedding support for ios"
    0cfb2dc add bitcode embedding support for ios
    bb8cefd webm2ts: Converts WebM VPx video to a MPEG TS.
    453bf44 webm2pes: Begin addition of tests.
    9299bbb libwebm: Googletest integration.
    3bec1ba Merge changes I7bcb5b3e,I8ce733be,I98a928ff,I71910f24
    5c83bbe Fix ParseElementHeader to support 0 payload elements
    be35869 libwebm_utils: Add FileDeleter.
    d6db1e1 webm2pes: Add a WebM parser init method.
    aa3593e webm2pes: Rename Convert to ConvertToFile().
    e8fca12 webm2pes: Fix super frame splitting.
    3cb96b6 webm2pes: Move main() and helper functions into their own files.
    021432b webm2pes: Fix the linux build.
    82ac5fc Remove RELEASE.TXT.
    852e173 webm2pes: Split super frames and packetize large frames.
    faf85c2 webm2pes: Refactor header/optional header writing.
    7c19266 Add Webm2Pes.
    01fdee4 mkvmuxer: Disallow AddTrack() after Tracks element is output.
    1ad314e mkvparser: EBMLHeader::Parse: remove dead init
    Change-Id: I49c1d6dbfab2855af886dc8af53cf6cf5ca382c2
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