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    x86inc.asm: port changes from libvpx · 7d8e2b13
    Yaowu Xu authored
    Cherry-picked the following commits:
    e56f9639 define GET_GOT_DEFINED if not previously defined
    a4b47b89 x86inc.asm: only set visibility for chromium builds
    a97c83f7 Only use .text sections for aout
    9679be4b Use .text instead of .rodata on macho
    7e065cd5 Copy PIC handling code from x86_abi_support
    71ccd103 Set 'private_extern' visibility for macho targets
    1be46ef6 Expand PIC default to macho64 and respect CONFIG_PIC from libvpx
    4de9641f Use libvpx defines to set name mangling rules
    2d6393a9 Customize x86inc.asm for libvpx
    2497356d Update x86inc.asm from x264
    Change-Id: I2fe309bf7b5cea866177cec954024ced59aed789
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