Commit 3a5adfcd authored by Ben Schwartz's avatar Ben Schwartz Committed by Maik Merten
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Fix for Theora streams with pixel aspect ratio of zero or infinity.

Theora stream can have a PAR with numerator or denominator equal to zero.
This is a valid configuration; according to the specification it indicates
that the actual ratio is unknown and the player MAY assume 1:1, which is
what this patch does.

(Negative aspect ratio is still illegal and maybe even unrepresentable, so we
also catch that here.)
parent 21fc8dd2
......@@ -60,7 +60,11 @@ public class VideoSink extends Sink
if(!ignoreAspect) {
Debug.log(Debug.DEBUG, this+" dimension: "+width+"x"+height+", aspect: "+aspectX+"/"+aspectY);
if (aspectY > aspectX) {
if (aspectX < 0 || aspectY < 0) {
Debug.log(Debug.WARNING, "Illegal negative aspect ratio detected; defaulting to 1:1.");
} else if (aspectX == 0 || aspectY == 0) {
Debug.log(Debug.DEBUG, "Undefined aspect ratio; defaulting to 1:1.");
} else if (aspectY > aspectX) {
height = height * aspectY / aspectX;
} else {
width = width * aspectX / aspectY;
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