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Almost everyone chooses the pkg-config(1) way and installs shout.pc. Document

how to configure ezstream on differently enabled systems. ... heh, PC talk is
so deliciously nasty.

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......@@ -104,9 +104,20 @@ The compilation and installation process then boils down to the usual
If this procedure is unfamiliar to you, please consult the INSTALL file for
more detailed instructions.
On systems where the libshout installation does not include the required
shout.pc file for pkg-config(1), the non-standard ``shout-config'' utility
is available. However, the ezstream build system does not support the latter.
If this is an issue, configure ezstream with
$ ./configure \
LIBSHOUT_CPPFLAGS="$(shout-config --cppflags)" \
LIBSHOUT_CFLAGS="$(shout-config --cflags-only)" \
LIBSHOUT_LIBS="$(shout-config --libs)"
When the configuration keeps failing despite having all dependencies
installed, take note of the more verbose error messages in config.log. If
necessary, it is possible to directly customize many build flags through
necessary, it is possible to further customize many build flags through
environment variables. See the "influential environment variables" list
in the --help output.
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