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Make a more standard distribution: Rename CHANGELOG to NEWS, bring back the

complete ChangeLog and add that contains the options to generate

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parent 631c6aa5
2007-02-28 11:06 moritz
* [r12586] CHANGELOG, ChangeLog,
Switch from a generated ChangeLog to a manually maintained and
more compact CHANGELOG.
2007-02-28 11:03 moritz
* [r12585] src/ezstream.c:
Sync usageHelp() with new reality.
2007-02-27 14:44 moritz
* [r12576]
Let MIPS[pro] C be chatty with warnings and check for basename()
in libgen. Ezstream now builds on IRIX.
2007-02-27 14:42 moritz
* [r12575] src/ezstream.c:
getopt() returns int, not char.
2007-02-27 14:41 moritz
* [r12574] m4/xiph_xml2.m4:
Use backticks to execute xml2-config/xslt-config, which is more
2007-02-27 12:46 moritz
* [r12573] README:
Document a caveat when building ezstream on Solaris with a
different compiler than the one used to build libshout.
2007-02-26 20:29 moritz
* [r12572], m4/shout.m4:
Make this work on static archs, and get one step closer to SunCC
support on Solaris. Also, don't complain if libshout isn't
thread-safe, as Ezstream isn't multithreaded.
2007-02-26 19:59 moritz
* [r12571],, m4/
Add m4/ to the distribution tarball.
2007-02-26 15:28 moritz
* [r12570], m4/ogg.m4, m4/vorbis.m4:
Unbreak "make distcheck": $prefix is not a good default, use
/usr/local instead. This makes it more likely that installed
libogg and libvorbis are found, when the user (or autoconf)
specifies a different --prefix. Users who installed their
libraries in their homedir now have to set $OGG_PREFIX and
$VORBIS_PREFIX, or set their respective --with arguments. Let the
snapshot target use distcheck now that it works.
2007-02-26 02:56 moritz
* [r12565] m4/ac_config_libconfig_in.m4, m4/acx_pthread.m4,
m4/ogg.m4, m4/shout.m4, m4/vorbis.m4, m4/xiph_compiler.m4,
m4/xiph_curl.m4, m4/xiph_net.m4, m4/xiph_path_python.m4,
m4/xiph_types.m4, m4/xiph_xml2.m4:
Remove unused .m4 files and sync the used ones with Icecast.
2007-02-25 18:28 moritz
* [r12564] src/ezstream.c:
Make Ezstream work properly and do the right thing, even when
bombarded with a flurry of simultaneous SIGHUP and SIGUSR1
signals. From what I can tell, signal handling is now quite solid
now. Achieve this by moving most of streamFile() into a new
sendStream() function, which is called within a new do-while loop
inside streamFile(). There, proper behavior is ensured and a race
condition resolved in favor of SIGHUP.
2007-02-25 16:00 moritz
* [r12563] src/ezstream.c:
Switch from using signal() to sigaction() and friends, so that
SA_RESTART can be used. This is required for Solaris and possibly
others, where signal handlers have to be reinstalled after having
caught one signal via signal(). Also prevent Ezstream from being
killed by a handled signal in streamFile(), where they can
interrupt fread()'s system calls. This improves matters, but
isn't perfect, yet. A SIGHUP signal can still cause skipping to
the next track, which should be triggered only by SIGUSR1.
2007-02-25 14:00 moritz
* [r12562], conf/,,
src/, src/configfile.c, src/configfile.h,
src/ezstream.c, win32/
Various cleanups and auto-fu tweaks. * Make files
look alike as much as possible. * Remove debug: target and don't
mess with the users DEBUG environment variable: Autoconf checks
for -g and automatically adds it to CFLAGS, which is overridden
by the user's $DEBUG. If the user didn't specify one, "make
install" will strip the resulting binaries and leave the
debugging symbols intact otherwise. * Remove profile: target, as
it is quite pointless in Ezstream. Also, the user can add
profiling flags via the $DEBUG variable as well. * Remove
-ffast-math and -fsigned-char from gcc, and enable two additional
warnings instead. * Unconfuse Solaris compiler flags
(unfortunately, the configure script still fails in the libshout
check with some obscure linker error): Do not force -x04 and
-fast optimizations, let the user decide (it doesn't matter for
Ezstream anyways.) Remove -xgc92, which is deprecated and
actually makes the resulting binary run slower on SPARC. Also
remove -fsimple, which does not help and has the potential of
causing trouble, and don't enable verbose warnings just to
disable them afterwards with -w. Leave only -v for verbose
warnings. * Const'ify getFormat*() functions and blankString, and
squelch a few const- related warnings. * Squelch a signedness
warning and fix two ;; syntax errors. * Add a snapshot target to that creates a tarball of the form
2007-02-25 03:49 moritz
* [r12557] src/ezstream.c:
Merge changes to the remaining two functions, openResource() and
streamFile(), after which the merge is complete. Changes in
openResource(): * Let the caller know whether we're streaming
from standard input, and give it a copy of the metadata
information. * Make filename extension matching case insensitive.
Ezstream can now stream foo.Ogg out of playlist.tXt. (On that
note, another item from the parseConfig() commit log message was
missing: <format/> and <match/> are also case insensitive now.)
Changes in streamFile(): * New feature: Skip currently playing
track when receiving SIGUSR1. * New feature: When using both the
new -q and -v command line parameters, Ezstream now displays some
"real-time" information: playlist position, elapsed time
streaming the current track, and approximate bitrate in kbps. *
Fix the fread() loop by moving the "if read bytes > 0" condition
into the while statement, and check with ferror() afterwards
whether an error occured. * Remove redundant shout_delay() call.
Ezstream puts itself to sleep with shout_sync(). * Return a value
that makes sense in main()'s do-while loop, instead of whatever
shout_send() returned last. * Remove or prettify a few messages.
2007-02-25 03:10 moritz
* [r12554] src/ezstream.c:
Merge processMetadata() changes: * Fix how the metadata string is
generated. Don't include the " - " in the output if either artist
or title are missing from ID3v1/Vorbis tags. * Print the correct
error message when ov_open() fails. * Improve filename-based
generation of metadata. Use a copy of fileName for basename(),
which may modify its argument in some places where the old, weird
POSIX implementation is used. Also, basename() is not infallible,
but when it fails, it is annoying for us. Assert that it cannot
fail since we feed it with path names < PATH_MAX (handled in
playlist.c and configfile.c.) In short, make processMetadata()
always return something more or less useful as long as the file
in question can be opened.
2007-02-25 02:36 moritz
* [r12553] src/ezstream.c:
Merge changes to replaceString() and buildCommandString(), and do
the formatting nitpickery to setMetadata(). Changes in
replaceString(): * Fix a heap overflow. replaceString() would
happily replace multiple '@T@' and '@M@' placeholders and write
into *dest until things blow up. Fix this by using safe string
functions. Then completely prevent it by ensuring that it
replaces only one placeholder per call (adjusting
buildCommandString() accordingly) and already complaining to the
user in parseConfig() about illegal, multiple placeholders in
their command lines. (That parseConfig() change was missing from
the commit log earlier.) In buildCommandString(): * Use xcalloc()
instead of malloc() and get rid of the now redundant memset()
calls. * Allow decoder command lines to contain the '@M@'
metadata placeholder. Useful for combined de-/encoders like
ffmpeg2theora. * Tweak message about "unsupported" format, which
used to be false in the case of Ogg Theora streams. * Plug
several memory leaks. * Don't print the "Executing command 'foo'"
message in this function.
2007-02-25 01:14 moritz
* [r12552] src/ezstream.c:
Merge changes to main(), urlParse() and streamPlaylist(). In
main(): * Install the signal handler as late as possible. * Add
new command line options: -v (verbose, use twice for even more
verbose output) and -q (quiet, redirect standard error output
from external de-/ encoders to /dev/null.) * It is now an error
to supply more than one -c parameter. This prevents unexpected
results. * Add a stern warning when ezstream is running as root.
Just Don't Do It. Leaving the configfile writeable to others by
accident could mean instant root compromise. * Before handing the
config file over to libxml, try to open it ourselves first. The
error message from strerror() is a lot more helpful than the
cryption I/O error printed by libxml. * Don't preallocate memory
for urlParse(). * Fix command line error messages, they seem to
be for a different program than Ezstream. * More terse libshout
error messages, just print which function failed. I consider
these errors of questionable value for an end user, but at least
a knowledgeable one will know instantly what went wrong. * Case
insensitive matching of playlist file extensions. * Print the
address, port and mountpoint that Ezstream is actually trying to
connect to, instead of what the user supplied. That should make
it easier to spot reasons for connect failures (e.g. typos.)
Changes in urlParse(): * Let urlParse() allocate memory for
hostname and mountpoint, as it knows how much memory is actually
required. * Fix a buffer overflow of the tmpPort buffer by adding
checks and using safe string functions. * Let the caller print an
error message, instead of having the same printf() twice in
urlParse(). The streamPlaylist() function has been rewritten to
use the new playlist_*() routines. Apart from the added playlist
shuffle feature no functional change.
2007-02-25 00:35 moritz
* [r12551]
Add check for geteuid(), which is better than checking for WIN32.
2007-02-25 00:25 moritz
* [r12550] src/ezstream.c:
Begin merging ezstream.c changes. This first batch includes: *
License reference and various #include cleanups and additions
that are required later. * Add new usage() and usageHelp()
functions (which already contain what's to come.) Move them close
to main() where getopt() is called. * New signal handler, which
now no longer uses printf(). printf() is not safe to use in
signal handlers. Use volatile sig_atomic_t types instead of ints
as flags to set in the handler. * Formatting and const'ifying of
WIN32-basename() and strrcmp(). Rearrange them so that the actual
"worker functions" are grouped together. * Add function
prototypes for those that are already up-to-date. * Rename
ReplaceString() to replaceString() for consistency with other
function names in Ezstream. * Prepare for portable *__progname
2007-02-24 23:26 moritz
* [r12549] src/configfile.c:
Merge new parseConfig() function. There were many changes, but
those are too cumbersome to merge separately. They are: * The
usual formatting nitpickings. * Don't leak memory in case of
duplicate entries. Instead make it an error and print a helpful
error message, with config file line number, to the user. *
Replace the manual cast to (const xmlChar *) with libxml2's
BAD_CAST. There probably won't be any UTF8 support in Ezstream
any time soon ... * Remove redundant strlen() check -
xmlNodeListGetString() never returns an empty string if
(cur->xmlChildrenNode != NULL). * Use xstrdup() instead of
malloc() + memset() + strcpy(). * Ensure that boolean
configration options are always either 1 or 0. * Ensure that path
names given via <filename /> do not exceed PATH_MAX. * Add
<shuffle /> configuration option for playlist shuffling.
2007-02-24 23:05 moritz
* [r12548] src/configfile.c:
Add function to free a configuration in case of an error.
2007-02-24 23:03 moritz
* [r12547]
Fix typo in comment.
2007-02-24 22:56 moritz
* [r12546] src/configfile.c:
Replace three if-conditionals with one, both in
getFormatEncoder() and getFormatDecoder(), with prettier
2007-02-24 22:50 moritz
* [r12545] src/configfile.c, src/configfile.h:
Const'ify configfile functions.
2007-02-24 22:25 moritz
* [r12544] src/configfile.c, src/configfile.h:
Add license reference to configfile.c, sync #includes with what
will be required later, getEZConfig() formatting and remove
unused printConfig() function.
2007-02-24 22:16 moritz
* [r12543] src/configfile.h:
Begin merging configfile.* changes by cleaning up the .h file:
Add license reference, remove prototype of nonexistent
getMetadataGrabber() function, and do some formatting.
2007-02-24 22:03 moritz
* [r12542] win32/
Clean core and backup files in this directory as well. Only ~2500
lines of diffs left to merge.
2007-02-24 22:01 moritz
* [r12541] src/ezsignals.h:
Commit header with three macros that help with signal handling.
Will be actually used later. Now, all new files are in.
2007-02-24 21:59 moritz
* [r12540]
Let the configure script set a (hard-coded, for now) examples
installation directory. This will be made configurable later.
2007-02-24 21:50 moritz
* [r12539]
Add several checks that we need now, i.e. very soon.
2007-02-24 21:46 moritz
* [r12538]
AM_CONFIG_HEADER -> AC_CONFIG_HEADERS, and move config.h into
2007-02-24 21:44 moritz
* [r12537]
Autoconf 2.61 has a nice macro AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS. Use it,
depend on autoconf-2.61 for it and remove the annoying
_GNU_SOURCE and _XOPEN_SOURCE ... dung. Autoconf takes care of
this, and even checks for more useful stuff for us.
2007-02-24 21:37 moritz
* [r12536]
Generate a Makefile in doc/, and switch to AC_CONFIG_FILES.
2007-02-24 21:34 moritz
* [r12535]
Ezstream does not need libtool, so remove it. Remove other
redundant configure checks as well: AC_PROG_CC and AC_HEADER_STDC
are automatically checked in packages written in C, no need to do
it twice. This shaves a lot off configure runtime.
2007-02-24 21:29 moritz
* [r12534]
Start to incrementally merge changes by simply
shuffling code around a bit. No functional change, yet.
2007-02-24 21:19 moritz
* [r12533]
Hook up doc/ with the build, depend on automake 1.9 and remove
dist-zip for now. The latter will come back after testing on
Windows has been done.
2007-02-24 21:16 moritz
* [r12532]
Replace the autogen behemoth with something much simpler.
AC_PREREQ and AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS already take care of version
2007-02-24 21:12 moritz
* [r12531] conf/, conf/ezstream_mp3.xml,
Clean up and install example configuration files.
2007-02-24 21:11 moritz
* [r12530] README:
Commit rewritten README file.
2007-02-24 20:59 moritz
* [r12529] AUTHORS:
Remove AUTHORS. Credits are in the man page.
2007-02-24 20:58 moritz
* [r12528] INSTALL:
Add INSTALL file for those not familiar with the configure+make
dance. From autoconf-2.61.
2007-02-24 20:57 moritz
* [r12527] src/, src/strlcat.c, src/strlcpy.c,
Add files with safe strlc*() string functions, and hook all new
files into Also let "make clean" clean up coredumps
and editor backup files.
2007-02-24 20:52 moritz
* [r12526] doc, doc/, doc/
Add ezstream man page.
2007-02-24 20:50 moritz
* [r12525] src/playlist.c, src/playlist.h:
Add new playlist handling functions.
2007-02-24 20:49 moritz
* [r12524] src/util.c, src/util.h:
Add new utility functions, for memory management. These do The
Right Thing and never return NULL.
2007-02-24 18:55 moritz
* [r12521]
Begin to incrementally merge my changes to Ezstream by bumping
the version number and shifting blame to me. This should keep
most of the history in my local CVS repository. There may be
temporary breakages where it doesn't build or package until I'm
2005-12-14 21:40 oddsock
* [r10593] win32/
forgot to add the inno setup installer to the dist
2005-12-14 21:16 oddsock
* [r10592] win32/ezstream.iss:
version bump
2005-12-14 21:14 oddsock
* [r10590] ChangeLog:
added changelog
2005-12-14 21:13 oddsock
* [r10589] conf/,, src/ezstream.c:
added some reconnect logic fixed a buffer overflow on large
id3tags use pclose for popen'd file handles
2005-01-05 00:38 oddsock
* [r8612] README, conf/ezstream_m3u.xml, conf/ezstream_mp3.xml,
conf/ezstream_vorbis.xml,, src/ezstream.c,
win32/ezstream.dsp, win32/ezstream.dsw, win32/ezstream.iss:
cleanup of config files fixed reencoding bug on win32 bump to
version 0.2.0
2004-12-22 01:49 oddsock
* [r8519] src/ezstream.c:
add passthorough support for unknown types
2004-07-19 03:48 oddsock
* [r7171] src/configfile.c, win32/ezstream.dsp, win32/ezstream.iss:
some win32 compilation fixes
2004-07-19 03:12 oddsock
* [r7170] README, conf/,
src/configfile.c, src/configfile.h, src/ezstream.c,
Added reencoding capabilities to ezstream.
2004-07-16 04:02 oddsock
* [r7152] win32/ezstream.dsp:
2004-07-12 19:13 oddsock
* [r7103] src/configfile.c, src/configfile.h, src/ezstream.c:
support for theora streams
2004-04-21 13:48 oddsock
* [r6563], src/.deps, src/ezstream.c:
added ability to send a signal (SIGHUP) which will re-read the
current playlist (m3u) that is being processed. When this
happens, ezstream will pick up from the last track that was
2004-02-02 04:56 oddsock
* [r5806] README:
stdin now working :)
2004-02-02 04:39 oddsock
* [r5805] aclocal.m4,
* version bump * remove unneeded file
2004-02-02 04:37 oddsock
* [r5804] src/ezstream.c, win32/ezstream.dsp, win32/ezstream.iss:
* set read mode to binary for stdin on win32 * add libXML to
project file * bump version number
2004-01-30 17:19 oddsock
* [r5800] ., AUTHORS, COPYING,, README, aclocal.m4,, conf, conf/, conf/ezstream_m3u.xml,
conf/ezstream_mp3.xml, conf/ezstream_vorbis.xml,,
m4, m4/ac_config_libconfig_in.m4, m4/acx_pthread.m4, m4/ogg.m4,
m4/shout.m4, m4/vorbis.m4, m4/xiph_compiler.m4, m4/xiph_curl.m4,
m4/xiph_net.m4, m4/xiph_path_python.m4, m4/xiph_types.m4,
m4/xiph_xml2.m4, src, src/.deps, src/.deps/configfile.Po,
src/.deps/ezstream.Po, src/, src/configfile.c,
src/configfile.h, src/ezstream.c, src/getopt.c, src/getopt.h,
win32, win32/, win32/ezstream.dsp, win32/ezstream.dsw,
Initial revision
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I m4
SUBDIRS = conf doc m4 src win32
CLEANFILES = core *.core *~ .*~
svn2cl --stdout -i --reparagraph --break-before-msg -o ChangeLog
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