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2009-08-01 16:15 moritz
* [r16381] README:
Almost everyone chooses the pkg-config(1) way and installs
shout.pc. Document how to configure ezstream on differently
enabled systems. ... heh, PC talk is so deliciously nasty.
2009-08-01 16:08 moritz
* [r16380] m4/libshout.m4:
Give it a chance to link statically.
2009-08-01 16:08 moritz
* [r16379] m4/taglib.m4:
Check for taglib_c in the libtag_c test.
2009-08-01 16:01 moritz
* [r16378] m4/libxml2.m4:
Don't use AC_RUN_IFELSE (breaks cross-compiles.)
2009-08-01 15:28 moritz
* [r16377] m4/libshout.m4:
Do not rely on a succesful pkg-config(1) check for libshout2, as
there are still some systems where only shout-config gets
installed (NetBSD for example.)
2009-08-01 15:26 moritz
* [r16376]
Fix for non-libtool project.
2009-08-01 13:52 moritz
* [r16375]
Update to what I use everywhere else now.
2009-08-01 13:50 moritz
* [r16374] NEWS:
Today is (the real) release day.
2009-08-01 13:46 moritz
* [r16373] m4/ccflags.m4, m4/libshout.m4, m4/libvorbis.m4,
m4/libxml2.m4, m4/taglib.m4:
Update m4 macros to latest version.
2009-08-01 10:54 moritz
* [r16372] win32/, win32/tfile.cpp:
Add and redistribute tfile.cpp, which I needed to modify in order
to build Taglib 1.4 on Windows. This should also satisfy the
2009-08-01 10:51 moritz
* [r16371] win32/
Distribute taglib project files.
2009-08-01 10:49 moritz
* [r16370] win32/ezstream.sln, win32/ezstream.vcproj,
win32/taglib.vcproj, win32/taglib_c.vcproj:
Downgrade the Taglib project files to v1.4 -- this actually works
now, so hook it up to ezstream.
2009-08-01 09:04 moritz
* [r16369] win32/taglib.vcproj, win32/taglib_c.vcproj:
Make these look like the other project files; maybe it helps with
the linking issue (to be tested later.)
2009-07-26 10:52 moritz
* [r16337]
Whitespace removal for consistency with other projects.
2009-07-22 20:19 moritz
* [r16319] NEWS, doc/, examples/ezstream_mp3.xml,
examples/ezstream_vorbis.xml, src/configfile.c, src/configfile.h,
Akos Veres suggested that ezstream should be able to set the
login username, and I concur.
2009-07-17 22:52 moritz
* [r16296] win32/ezstream.sln:
Remove taglib projects again. I failed to build a taglib that can
be coerced into linking statically with ezstream. *sigh* ...
hours of frustrating trial and error for nothing.
Without a bright idea real soon, the next release -- whose sole
purpose is to fix TagLib support on Windows -- will require
tag.dll and tag_c.dll to be shipped and installed as well.
2009-07-12 22:05 moritz
* [r16268] win32/taglib.vcproj, win32/taglib_c.vcproj:
EOL style.
2009-07-12 22:03 moritz
* [r16267] win32/ezstream.sln, win32/taglib.vcproj,
This still doesn't work right, but commit to avoid losing work.
2009-07-12 16:40 moritz
* [r16266] NEWS:
Actually, no ... *grr*.
2009-07-12 16:27 moritz
* [r16265] ChangeLog:
2009-07-12 16:24 moritz
* [r16264] NEWS:
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