Commit 538b4971 authored by Moritz Grimm's avatar Moritz Grimm

Add missing NEWS entry for #2045

parent 29ae1b35
Changes in 0.5.7, released on XXXX-XX-XX:
Changes in n.n.n, released on XXXX-XX-XX:
* src/ezstream.c:
- [FIX] Prevent ezstream from entering an infinite loop when stopping to
send data to standard input. From gquintard.
(Ticket #2045)
* various:
- [NEW] Add new <metadata_refreshinterval/> feature from Matthew Adams
(with minor changes plus documentation.) This allows for recurring
and custom metadata updates inbetween song changes via
and custom metadata updates in between song changes via
......@@ -33,6 +37,7 @@ Changes in 0.5.6, released on 2009-08-31:
- [NEW] Add a real-world example playlist script with logging feature.
Changes in 0.5.5, released on 2009-08-01:
* win32/config.h:
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