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Changes in 0.3.0, (SVN trunk):
* The original author, Ed Zaleski, hands over ezstream maintainership to
Moritz Grimm.
* There have been changes in almost all parts of ezstream. For a complete,
detailed list of changes, please consult the Subversion log, like so:
$ svn log -r '{YYYY-MM-DD}:12521'
* New features:
- Playlist shuffling support, enabled via the new <shuffle> configuration
- Add feature to skip the currently streaming track, done by sending the
SIGUSR1 signal to the ezstream process.
- New command line option `-q': Suppress standard error output from external
- New command line option `-v': Produce more verbose output.
- New "real-time" status display of the stream when both -q and -v are given
on the command line.
- Thorough configuration file checks with helpful error messages.
- The @M@ metadata placeholder is now supported in <decode>.
* Fixes:
- At least one stack and one heap overflow have been fixed.
- Several memory leaks have been fixed.
- Strict checking of the configuration file prevents unexpected behavior and
adds another safeguard to prevent crashes.
- Fixed and more portable signal handling.
* Miscellaneous, user-visible changes:
- Improved documentation. Ezstream now has a comprehensive man page and the
README file has been rewritten.
- Consistency improvements in the configuration examples. The examples are
now also installed.
- The <format/> and <match/> configuration elements, as well as filename
extension matching to detect playlists in the <filename> element, are
now case insensitive.
- Various improvements in the build system and portability fixes.
- Consistent and more helpful messages from ezstream. By default, ezstream
no longer clutters the screen with lots of output (some information that
used to be available needs to be enabled with the new `-v' command line
- Tweaked metadata string generation: no more lone " - " dashes at the
beginning or end of the string.
Changes in 0.2.1, released on 2005-12-14:
* ezstream.c:
- [FIX] Prevent a heap overflow with large ID3v1 tags.
- [FIX] Use pclose() on FILE* handles that were opened with popen().
Changes in 0.2.0, released on 2005-01-05:
* various:
- [MISC] Clean up and improve example configuration files, and add more
* ezstream.c:
- [FIX] Fix reencoding support on Windows.
- [ADD] Attempt to reconnect to a server if the connection goes down
during streaming.
Changes in 0.1.3, released on 2004-12-22:
* various:
- [ADD] Add support for streaming Ogg Theora.
- [ADD] Add reencoding support via external de-/encoders.
- [ADD] Support passing through unknown media types.
Changes in 0.1.2, released on 2004-04-21:
* src/ezstream.c:
- [ADD] Add feature to reread the playlist after the currently streaming
track, done by sending the SIGHUP signal to the ezstream process.
Changes is 0.1.1, released on 2004-02-02:
* src/ezstream.c:
- [FIX] Set read mode to binary for stdin on WIN32.
* win32/ezstream.dsp:
- [MISC] Add libxml to project file.
* Initial import of ezstream 0.1.0 into SVN.
* Ezstream 0.1.0 released.
2005-12-14 21:13 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/conf/, trunk/ezstream/,
trunk/ezstream/src/ezstream.c: added some reconnect logic fixed
a buffer overflow on large id3tags use pclose for popen'd file
2005-01-05 00:38 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/README, trunk/ezstream/conf/ezstream_m3u.xml,
trunk/ezstream/, trunk/ezstream/src/ezstream.c,
trunk/ezstream/win32/ezstream.iss: cleanup of config files fixed
reencoding bug on win32 bump to version 0.2.0
2004-12-22 01:49 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/src/ezstream.c: add passthorough support for
unknown types
2004-07-19 03:48 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/src/configfile.c,
trunk/ezstream/win32/ezstream.iss: some win32 compilation fixes
2004-07-19 03:12 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/README, trunk/ezstream/conf/,
trunk/ezstream/, trunk/ezstream/src/configfile.c,
trunk/ezstream/src/configfile.h, trunk/ezstream/src/ezstream.c,
trunk/ezstream/win32/ezstream.dsp: Added reencoding capabilities
to ezstream.
2004-07-16 04:02 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/win32/ezstream.dsp:
2004-07-12 19:13 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/src/configfile.c,
trunk/ezstream/src/configfile.h, trunk/ezstream/src/ezstream.c:
support for theora streams
2004-04-21 13:48 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/, trunk/ezstream/src/.deps,
trunk/ezstream/src/ezstream.c: added ability to send a signal
(SIGHUP) which will re-read the current playlist (m3u) that is
being processed. When this happens, ezstream will pick up from
the last track that was played.
2004-02-02 04:56 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/README: stdin now working :)
2004-02-02 04:39 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/aclocal.m4, trunk/ezstream/ *
version bump * remove unneeded file
2004-02-02 04:37 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream/src/ezstream.c,
trunk/ezstream/win32/ezstream.iss: * set read mode to binary for
stdin on win32 * add libXML to project file * bump version number
2004-01-30 17:19 oddsock
* trunk/ezstream, trunk/ezstream/AUTHORS, trunk/ezstream/COPYING,
trunk/ezstream/, trunk/ezstream/README,
trunk/ezstream/aclocal.m4, trunk/ezstream/,
trunk/ezstream/conf, trunk/ezstream/conf/,
trunk/ezstream/, trunk/ezstream/m4,
trunk/ezstream/m4/acx_pthread.m4, trunk/ezstream/m4/ogg.m4,
trunk/ezstream/m4/shout.m4, trunk/ezstream/m4/vorbis.m4,
trunk/ezstream/m4/xiph_curl.m4, trunk/ezstream/m4/xiph_net.m4,
trunk/ezstream/m4/xiph_types.m4, trunk/ezstream/m4/xiph_xml2.m4,
trunk/ezstream/src, trunk/ezstream/src/.deps,
trunk/ezstream/src/, trunk/ezstream/src/configfile.c,
trunk/ezstream/src/configfile.h, trunk/ezstream/src/ezstream.c,
trunk/ezstream/src/getopt.c, trunk/ezstream/src/getopt.h,
trunk/ezstream/win32, trunk/ezstream/win32/,
trunk/ezstream/win32/ezstream.iss: Initial revision
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I m4
SUBDIRS = conf doc m4 src win32
CLEANFILES = core *.core *~ .*~
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