Commit 6eb8e196 authored by Moritz Grimm's avatar Moritz Grimm
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Fix setting of the stream name

Regression found and reported by zygmund2000 on Github
parent 7b7c42bf
Changes in 1.0.1, released on XXXX-XX-XX:
* Fix a crash if there is a typo in the <encoder /> setting
* Fix regression setting the stream name. From zygmund2000 on Github.
* Minor example and documentation tweaks
......@@ -155,6 +155,7 @@ _cfgfile_xml_parse_stream(xmlDocPtr doc, xmlNodePtr cur)
XML_STREAM_SET(s, sl, cfg_stream_set_public, "public");
XML_STREAM_SET(s, sl, cfg_stream_set_format, "format");
XML_STREAM_SET(s, sl, cfg_stream_set_encoder, "encoder");
XML_STREAM_SET(s, sl, cfg_stream_set_stream_name, "stream_name");
XML_STREAM_SET(s, sl, cfg_stream_set_stream_url, "stream_url");
XML_STREAM_SET(s, sl, cfg_stream_set_stream_genre, "stream_genre");
XML_STREAM_SET(s, sl, cfg_stream_set_stream_description, "stream_description");
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