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parent 000320af
2009-08-30 21:55 moritz
* [r16537] NEWS, doc/, src/ezstream.c:
Teach ezstream a different mode of operation, as a one-shot line
shuffling tool.
2009-08-30 21:46 moritz
* [r16536] src/ezstream.h, src/playlist.c:
Support reading playlists from standard input.
2009-08-30 20:34 moritz
* [r16535] examples/,
Add an example template configuration for
2009-08-30 19:41 moritz
* [r16534] src/
Move the verbose error check where it belongs.
2009-08-30 19:38 moritz
* [r16533] COPYING, doc/,
Some licensing blah-blah and RCS IDs.
2009-08-30 18:28 moritz
* [r16532] NEWS:
Merge two related changes into one bullet point, and set release
date to tomorrow.
2009-08-30 18:23 moritz
* [r16531] src/
Do not quote $EZSTREAM, which breaks paths with whitespace but
allows to smuggle in default command line arguments.
2009-08-30 18:22 moritz
* [r16530] doc/
2009-08-30 12:49 moritz
* [r16529] NEWS,, doc/,
doc/, doc/,
doc/, src/, src/
Add new wrapper/convenience script -- generates
ezstreams on- the-fly.
2009-08-29 09:37 moritz
* [r16528] src/ezstream.c:
Remove pointless and (at this point) irritating warning message.
2009-08-29 09:36 moritz
* [r16527] NEWS, src/ezstream.c:
The original reason to abort ezstream when running into problems
opening a media file was to prevent a very verbose infinite loop
(e.g. when accidentially playing an outdated playlist.) Bring
that back by aborting after 100 subsequent errors.
2009-08-29 09:14 moritz
* [r16526] NEWS, src/playlist.c:
... also fix ezstream in this regard: No need to complain when
receiving such an empty line, and not receiving any output should
not be a fatal error. Consider the latter to be
"end-of-playlist", too.
2009-08-29 09:12 moritz
* [r16525] examples/
Listen to my own documentation: the end-of-playlist case is
indicated by an empty line. But ...
2009-08-28 15:55 moritz
* [r16523] NEWS, examples/, examples/,
examples/, examples/
Add a more fancy playlist script.
2009-08-22 10:03 moritz
* [r16497] NEWS, src/ezstream.c:
#1585: Continue when openResource() fails.
2009-08-01 18:44 moritz
* [r16388], win32/config.h:
Post-release version bump.
2009-08-01 16:36 moritz
* [r16383] ChangeLog:
2009-08-01 16:32 moritz
* [r16382] m4/taglib.m4:
Fix copy+paste'o.
2009-08-01 16:15 moritz
* [r16381] README:
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