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Add an example template configuration for

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parent c7f262dd
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = 1.9 foreign
examplesdir = @EXAMPLES_DIR@
dist_examples_DATA = \
ezstream-file_template.xml \
ezstream_mp3.xml ezstream_reencode_mp3.xml \
ezstream_reencode_theora.xml ezstream_reencode_vorbis.xml \
ezstream_stdin_vorbis.xml ezstream_vorbis.xml \
EXAMPLE: Ogg Vorbis playlist stream with reencoding for use with
This example streams a playlist generated by and
reencodes to Ogg Vorbis.
Since the reencoding feature is enabled below, <format /> sets the
output format of the stream.
To function as a template for, the <filename />
configuration must be as follows:
The usual, remaining configuration statements follow. See the other
examples and the documentation for details.
<svrinfoname>My Stream</svrinfoname>
<svrinfodescription>This is a stream description</svrinfodescription>
<decode>flac -s -d --force-raw-format --sign=signed --endian=little -o - "@T@"</decode>
<decode>madplay -b 16 -R 44100 -S -o raw:- "@T@"</decode>
<encode>lame --preset cbr 128 -r -s 44.1 --bitwidth 16 - -</encode>
<decode>oggdec -R -b 16 -e 0 -s 1 -o - "@T@"</decode>
<encode>oggenc -r -B 16 -C 2 -R 44100 --raw-endianness 0 -q 1.5 -t "@M@" -</encode>
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