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parent 3fd4d802
2009-03-28 18:33 moritz
* [r15880] NEWS:
If everything goes to plan, then today is release day.
2009-03-28 15:40 moritz
* [r15876] win32/README.win32:
vcredist is now a requirement, and mention FLAC.
2009-03-28 13:38 moritz
* [r15875] examples/ezstream_reencode_mp3.xml,
Remove -x argument to lame. This makes the examples work for me
by default again, with a more recent lame version.
2009-03-28 11:14 moritz
* [r15874] m4/vars.m4:
AX_UNIQVAR_PREPEND needs to reverse its arguments before
2009-03-19 08:14 moritz
* [r15799]
Autoconf/M4 chokes on CRLF line endings in, so
enforce LF on Found out the hard way by Roman
2009-03-18 20:24 moritz
* [r15798], src/compat.c, src/ezstream.h,
src/strtonum.c, win32/compat.h, win32/config.h:
Finish up the modifications to the Windows build. In case
anything remains to be done, it'll be nits.
2009-03-18 20:15 moritz
* [r15797] src/metadata.c:
Mh... compiling before commit would've helped.
2009-03-18 19:57 moritz
* [r15796] src/metadata.c:
Make metadata_get_name() return UTF8, which is what the rest of
ezstream now expects. From Roman Donchenko.
2009-03-18 19:55 moritz
* [r15795], src/compat.c, src/ezstream.c,
src/ezstream.h, win32/ezstream.vcproj:
Repair some fallout from previous commits, and work more on Win32
2009-03-18 09:10 moritz
* [r15794], src/, src/compat.c,
src/compat.h, src/configfile.c, src/ezstream.c, src/ezstream.h,
src/getopt.c, src/metadata.c, src/playlist.c, src/util.c,
src/xalloc.c, src/xalloc.h, win32/compat.h:
Work towards cleaner portability goo, and remove some ununsed
code while there.
2009-03-17 22:25 moritz
* [r15793], win32/, win32/shout:
Adjust auto-fu to handle the changed win32/ stuff.
2009-03-17 22:18 moritz
* [r15792] win32/compat.h, win32/config.h, win32/ezstream.sln,
win32/ezstream.vcproj, win32/libflac.vcproj, win32/libogg.vcproj,
win32/libshout.vcproj, win32/libspeex.vcproj,
win32/libtheora.vcproj, win32/libvorbis.vcproj,
win32/libvorbisfile.vcproj, win32/libz.vcproj, win32/shout,
win32/shout/, win32/shout/shout.h:
After having lost the previous build environment some time ago, I
had to start over completely. What a chore ... Anyways, commit
this to make it easier to get back to a MSVC build, in case this
happens again.
2009-03-17 18:56 moritz
* [r15791] NEWS:
Write complete sentences.
2009-03-17 18:32 moritz
* [r15790], doc/, doc/
Set the manual date to the build date.
2009-03-17 18:29 moritz
* [r15789] COPYING, src/compat.h, src/configfile.c, src/ezstream.c,
src/metadata.c, src/playlist.c, src/util.c:
Bump copyright year where applicable.
2009-03-17 18:20 moritz
* [r15788] COPYING, ChangeLog, INSTALL,, NEWS, README,, build-aux/, build-aux/config.rpath,
compat/, compat/sys/, compat/sys/tree.3,
compat/sys/tree.h,, doc/,
doc/, examples/,
examples/ezstream_metadata.xml, examples/ezstream_mp3.xml,
examples/ezstream_stdin_vorbis.xml, examples/ezstream_vorbis.xml,
examples/, examples/, m4/,
m4/ccflags.m4, m4/libogg.m4, m4/libshout.m4, m4/libvorbis.m4,
m4/libxml2.m4, m4/progname.m4, m4/taglib.m4, m4/tree.m4,
m4/vacopy.m4, m4/vars.m4,, src/, src/compat.c,
src/compat.h, src/configfile.c, src/configfile.h, src/ezstream.c,
src/getopt.c, src/metadata.c, src/metadata.h, src/playlist.c,
src/playlist.h, src/strfctns.h, src/strlcat.c, src/strlcpy.c,
src/strtonum.c, src/util.c, src/util.h, src/xalloc.c,
src/xalloc.h, win32/, win32/README.win32,
win32/config.h, win32/ezstream.sln, win32/ezstream.vcproj:
Native EOL-style, and Id tags in a couple of places.
2009-03-17 18:07 moritz
* [r15787] README:
Consistent formatting.
2009-03-17 18:03 moritz
* [r15786] NEWS:
Mention the miscellaneous stuff I also did.
2009-03-16 22:59 moritz
* [r15782], NEWS, README,,
m4/libvorbis.m4, m4/taglib.m4, src/metadata.c:
#1398: Make optional components optional. (For real.)
2009-03-16 20:39 moritz
* [r15781] src/compat.c:
It's stupid to put my own copyright on a file where I didn't
really write the code. Luckily, I had the proper copyright
statement in there already, so moving it fixes things.
2009-03-16 20:22 moritz
* [r15780] src/configfile.c, src/ezstream.c, src/metadata.c,
src/playlist.c, src/util.c:
Squelch another bunch of warnings after checking that what's
happening is what's wanted.
2009-03-16 20:12 moritz
* [r15779], src/, src/compat.h,
src/ezstream.c, src/getopt.c, src/getopt.h:
Use a wrapper around getopt() for portability. This uses the
system getopt() whenever possible, and otherwise uses a stripped
down, single options only, BSD getopt() (which is smaller and
doesn't come with ifdef-stuff-in-features.h.)
2009-03-16 19:51 moritz
* [r15778] src/util.c:
Guarantee that iconvert() never returns NULL. This is a clumsy,
but effective way to prevent NULL dereferences after the recent
character conversion changes in other parts of ezstream.
2009-03-16 00:40 moritz
* [r15777], m4/taglib.m4:
Unbreak the TagLib checks.
2009-03-16 00:08 moritz
* [r15776], NEWS, README,,
build-aux/, compat/,
compat/sys/,, doc/,
examples/, m4/, m4/ccflags.m4,
m4/libogg.m4, m4/libshout.m4, m4/libvorbis.m4, m4/libxml2.m4,
m4/progname.m4, m4/taglib.m4, m4/tree.m4, m4/vacopy.m4,
m4/vars.m4, m4/xiph_compiler.m4, m4/xiph_xml2.m4,
src/, win32/
Overhaul the ezstream build system, using my own library of
autoconf macros. There are a few benefits to this, but the main
reason is consistency and me completely understanding what's
going on. Regressions are not expected, but wouldn't surprise
either ... this needs lots of testing.
2009-03-15 17:18 moritz
* [r15775] src/configfile.c, src/ezstream.c, src/metadata.c,
src/playlist.c, src/util.c, src/util.h:
Assorted type fixes, unshadowing of variables, etc.
2009-03-15 13:15 moritz
* [r15774] m4/, m4/shout.m4:
"pkg-config --libs shout" has produced correct results for a long
time now, making a custom shout.m4 obsolete.
2009-03-15 13:13 moritz
* [r15773] m4/iconv.m4:
Remove iconv.m4, it comes with gettext (i.e. gettext-devel)
2009-03-15 13:12 moritz
* [r15772] m4/, m4/ogg.m4, m4/vorbis.m4:
Remove ogg.m4 and vorbis.m4; the ones installed by libogg/-vorbis
are fine.
2009-03-15 11:15 moritz
* [r15771] NEWS:
2009-03-15 11:05 moritz
* [r15770] src/configfile.c, src/ezstream.c:
Perform more charset conversions where necessary. This should fix
the handling of files with non-ASCII filenames, as well as some
more cases related to metadata. From Roman Donchenko <DXDragon at
yandex dot ru>, with some minor fixes by myself.
2009-03-15 11:00 moritz
* [r15769] src/compat.h:
Fixes for MinGW. From Roman Donchenko <DXDragon at yandex dot
2009-03-15 10:59 moritz
* [r15768] src/util.h:
Add missing include for shout_t. From Roman Donchenko <DXDragon
at yandex dot ru>.
2009-03-15 10:55 moritz
* [r15767] NEWS, compat/sys/tree.3, compat/sys/tree.h:
Update tree macros. The manual now actually has an acceptable
2007-12-01 21:43 moritz
* [r14260], win32/config.h:
Post-release version bump.
2007-12-01 21:21 moritz
* [r14257] ChangeLog:
2007-12-01 21:13 moritz
* [r14256] NEWS:
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