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parent 05a9ae4f
2007-03-04 21:12 moritz
* [r12633] README:
Sync with the blurb on the new home page.
2007-03-04 15:59 moritz
* [r12630] src/configfile.c:
Fix logic error and prevent an endless loop on error(s) in the
config file.
2007-03-04 15:50 moritz
* [r12629] src/playlist.c:
While rand() being crappy is true for most/all *nix systems, on
Windows, this is different. The shifting severely screwed up its
randomness. Just leave it away and systems that only have a bad
version of rand() will have to just deal with it.
2007-03-04 15:16 moritz
* [r12628] COPYING, NEWS, src/configfile.c, src/ezstream.c,
More pre-release maintenance.
2007-03-04 14:29 moritz
* [r12627] win32/, win32/README.win32, win32/config.h,
win32/ezstream.1.html, win32/ezstream.sln, win32/ezstream.vcproj:
Yay. I finally managed to build a statically linked and
self-contained ezstream.exe. Update, and regen the HTML man page
for -V.
2007-03-04 14:27 moritz
* [r12626] doc/, src/ezstream.c:
Add -V command line parameter to print the version number and
2007-03-03 20:20 moritz
* [r12621] win32/, win32/README.win32,
win32/ezstream.1.html, win32/ezstream.sln, win32/ezstream.vcproj:
More, rather evil Windows stuff. This is about as far as I'm
willing to go for now. Volunteers willing to take all this
Windows stuff off my hands are very welcome. ;-)
2007-03-03 20:17 moritz
* [r12620] src/compat.h, src/configfile.c, src/ezstream.c,
Some more cosmetic tweaks.
2007-03-03 17:50 moritz
* [r12617] src/ezstream.c:
Forgot one PATH_SEPARATOR instance ...
2007-03-03 17:48 moritz
* [r12616] src/ezstream.c:
Use size_t in strrcmp().
2007-03-03 16:13 moritz
* [r12615] src/, src/compat.h, src/ezstream.c,
src/playlist.c, win32/, win32/ezstream.dsp,
win32/ezstream.dsw, win32/ezstream.iss, win32/ezstream.sln,
Iterate back towards working Windows support.
2007-03-03 12:42 moritz
* [r12614] src/ezstream.c:
STDERR_FILENO -> fileno(stderr), and fix a brain'o: Systems with
limited or no signals support obviously don't have
SIG_HUP/SIG_USR1 defined.
2007-03-02 12:52 moritz
* [r12603], src/, src/configfile.c,
src/ezstream.c, src/strfctns.h, src/strlcat.c, src/strlcpy.c,
src/strlfctns.h, src/strtonum.c:
Improve string to integer conversion stuff, and have another stab
at the config file parsing. Ezstream now prints each error it can
find and then bails out, instead of bailing out on the first
error. Tweak URL parsing as well, and do some cosmetic changes to
the error messages.
2007-03-02 00:57 moritz
* [r12599] NEWS, doc/, src/configfile.c,
src/configfile.h, src/ezstream.c:
Allow users to restrict the number of reconnection attempts. This
also changes how reconnections are handled in general: A
recovered connection always skips to the next tune as well, as it
seems that at least for Ogg Vorbis, libshout wants to see an Ogg
header after a shout_open(). The new code makes this behavior
consistent among all formats.
2007-03-01 14:50 moritz
* [r12597], src/ezstream.c, src/playlist.c,
src/strlcat.c, src/strlcpy.c, src/util.c:
Enable more warnings on gcc, and do some miscellaneous cleanups.
2007-03-01 01:22 moritz
* [r12596] src/ezstream.c:
Redirect only de-/encoder screen output to /dev/null with -q, and
restore standard error outside that popen() call.
2007-03-01 00:34 moritz
* [r12595] m4/shout.m4:
Tweak XXX comment.
2007-03-01 00:10 moritz
* [r12594] README,
Make the example configuration files directory configurable.
2007-02-28 21:48 moritz
* [r12592] NEWS, conf/ezstream_mp3.xml, conf/ezstream_vorbis.xml,
doc/, src/configfile.c, src/configfile.h,
Add new <stream_once> configuration option for disabling
continuous streaming.
2007-02-28 21:26 moritz
* [r12591] NEWS, conf/ezstream_reencoding_example_mp3.xml,
conf/ezstream_reencoding_example_vorbis.xml, doc/,
src/configfile.c, src/configfile.h, src/ezstream.c,
src/playlist.c, src/playlist.h:
Add new playlist scripting feature (works similar to Ices 2.x.)
2007-02-28 15:35 moritz
* [r12590], src/ezstream.c:
Replace geteuid() check with stat(), and make it an error if the
configuration file is group or world writeable. This is actually
what the warning about root was all about.
2007-02-28 13:53 moritz
* [r12589] src/, src/ezsignals.h, src/ezstream.c:
Back out hardly used ezsignals.h.
2007-02-28 12:47 moritz
* [r12588] NEWS:
Remove redundant paragraph.
2007-02-28 12:44 moritz
* [r12587] CHANGELOG, ChangeLog,, NEWS,
Make a more standard distribution: Rename CHANGELOG to NEWS,
bring back the complete ChangeLog and add that contains
the options to generate ChangeLog.
2007-02-28 11:06 moritz
* [r12586] CHANGELOG, ChangeLog,
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