Commit 0eb86899 authored by oggk's avatar oggk
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fix crash in two-pass (clearing what was not initialized)

parent 1026ae95
......@@ -1022,11 +1022,13 @@ void oggmux_close (oggmux_info *info) {
th_comment_clear (&info->tc);
#ifdef HAVE_KATE
for (n=0; n<info->n_kate_streams; ++n) {
if (info->with_kate && info->passno!=1) {
for (n=0; n<info->n_kate_streams; ++n) {
ogg_stream_clear (&info->kate_streams[n].ko);
kate_comment_clear (&info->kate_streams[n].kc);
kate_info_clear (&info->kate_streams[n].ki);
kate_clear (&info->kate_streams[n].k);
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