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......@@ -64,6 +64,21 @@ strict but resulting quality is usually
higher/smoother overall. Soft target also
allows an optional \-v setting to specify
a minimum allowed quality.
.B \-\-two-pass
Compress input using two-pass rate control.
This option requires that the input to the
to the encoder is seekable and performs both passes automatically.
.B \-\-first-pass <filename>
Perform first-pass of a two-pass rate controlled encoding,
saving pass data to <filename> for a later second pass
.B \-\-second-pass <filename>
Perform second-pass of a two-pass rate controlled encoding, reading first-pass
data from <filename>. The first pass data must come from a first encoding pass
using identical input video to work properly.
.B \-\-optimize
Optimize output Theora video, using a full search for motion vectors
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