Commit 72b1edd3 authored by Jan Gerber's avatar Jan Gerber
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fall back to TMP if TEMP is not defined, fixes 2 pass file for some windows versions

parent 5d66b35e
......@@ -2124,9 +2124,15 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
info.twopass = 3;
#ifdef WIN32
srand (time (NULL));
sprintf(_tmp_2pass, "%s\\f2t_%06d.log", getenv("TEMP"), rand());
info.twopass_file = fopen(_tmp_2pass,"wb+");
char *tmp;
srand (time (NULL));
tmp = getenv("TEMP");
if (!tmp) tmp = getenv("TMP");
if (!tmp) tmp = ".";
snprintf(_tmp_2pass, sizeof(_tmp_2pass), "%s\\f2t_%06d.log", tmp, rand());
info.twopass_file = fopen(_tmp_2pass,"wb+");
info.twopass_file = tmpfile();
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