Commit b98e3701 authored by Jan Gerber's avatar Jan Gerber
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better way to check for ffmpeg libs

parent 9891a152
......@@ -138,19 +138,20 @@ if not conf.CheckPKG(XIPH_LIBS):
ParsePKGConfig(env, XIPH_LIBS)
FFMPEG_LIBS="libavcodec >= 52.30.0 libavformat libavdevice libpostproc libswscale"
FFMPEG_LIBS=["libavcodec >= 52.30.0", "libavformat", "libavdevice", "libpostproc", "libswscale"]
if os.path.exists("./ffmpeg"):
os.environ['PKG_CONFIG_PATH'] = "./ffmpeg/libavutil:./ffmpeg/libavformat:./ffmpeg/libavcodec:./ffmpeg/libavdevice:./ffmpeg/libswscale:./ffmpeg/libpostproc:" + os.environ.get('PKG_CONFIG_PATH', '')
if not conf.CheckPKG(FFMPEG_LIBS):
if not conf.CheckPKG(' '.join(FFMPEG_LIBS)):
print """
Could not find %s.
You can install it via
sudo apt-get install %s
or update PKG_CONFIG_PATH to point to ffmpeg's source folder
or run ./ (for more information see INSTALL)
""" %(FFMPEG_LIBS, " ".join(["%s-dev"%l for l in FFMPEG_LIBS.split()]))
""" %(" ".join(FFMPEG_LIBS), " ".join(["%s-dev"%l.split()[0] for l in FFMPEG_LIBS]))
for lib in FFMPEG_LIBS.split():
for lib in FFMPEG_LIBS:
ParsePKGConfig(env, lib)
if conf.CheckCHeader('libavformat/framehook.h'):
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